(1) The birth of a hero

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【The birth of a hero】

It's a novel where a teenager named Choi han suddenly got transported into a unknown forest or well the forest of darkness.

He spent tens of years trying to survive and find his way out and after trying non stop he finally found a village it's name was Harris village.

But one day when he came back to the village he saw something that made him kill humans for the first time.

The village was massacred by people wearing black with 5 white star as it's logo.

After killing everyone he hastily buried the villagers and started running towards the territory to inform the lord and ask for help.

After running non stop when he finally reached the territory he saw the 'young master's of the household.

The 'young master' was drunk and was looking at Choi han with disgusted eyes.

Choi han told him about the village and we'll he didn't like the 'young master's' reply.

When the young boy turned his back and started walking away Choi han grabbed the lamp and smashed the boy's head with it.

The chef and the butler finally showed up after hearing the loud noise.

The butler was furious while the cief was blankly looking at the young boy getting beat up by the stranger who had the smell of blood.

The butler knocked the stranger out and helped the young master up.

The chef took the stranger with him while the butler took the young master to the family physician.

After everything happened the chef wanted to follow the stranger or well Choi han the man who heated their young master because he smelled of blood and arm. The chef thought if he follows him he can get revenge for his family and the butler, the chef's father couldn't stop him and in the end the chef and the butler left the territory to follow Choi han.


"Mm..... in the end they failed to save the world huh? How disappointing...hm..ah..side stories? Let's read it as well"
Cale henituse

The young master who was beaten by Choi han the main protagonist.
He was known as the bastard son of the territory.

It was a well known fact that the boy wasn't the Territory countess's son.

It was very obvious since the whole family had brown hair while that boy had red hair.

But he never really tried to prove himself as the lord's son either.

He looked down at everyone and was never satisfied with anything.

It was very unusual for a bastard son to do this things and even the lord let him do them.

Well it's because Cale henituse, No Cale crossman was the second prince of the Roan kingdom.

He was the son of King Zed and Queen Jour.

He was in the henituse house to hide.

Count Deruth , King Zed and Queen Jour were best friends since childhood.

Which is why Deruth treated Cale as him own son and took care of him preciously until...well until he was out of the territory for a meeting and Cale got beaten half to death.

Cale who was supposed to return to the palace when he turned 18 was bedridden.

Deruth couldn't do anything about it since the man who beat Cale was the supposed hero of the Kingdom.


In the end everyone died

The henituse lord's died in the first war while the children survived by hiding.

But it didn't last long since the Basen and Lily died later when the final war started.

Cale lasted till the end and the moment he saw white star shoot a fire ball at him he thought he'll die but.... Alberu had protected him.

Alberu protected Cale and died for him.

He was smiling while looking at Cale who's eyes were filled with tears.

"HYUNG!" Cale yelled and reached his hands towards him

Alberu caressed cale's face while smiling and then took his last breath.

Choi han who saw that scene was confused his head was clouded but he didn't have time to question because he was fight the white star.

In the end white star killed everyone and reached his goal.
"Ha....what the hell....when did this action novel become a angsty sad novel but ugh I suspected the red head to be important but to be the second prince? How unexpected...ugh I should just....sleep...I'll clean up everything in the morning...." The man fell asleep still holding the book on his right hand.

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