Chapter 1 | Wie eine weiße Leinwand |

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A lie, no matter how well it may be meant, is always worse than the humblest truth.

It is a pleasant morning - the air is neither too cold nor to warm, no sunrays fall onto your face to annoy you and some small animal warms your belly. If it wasn't for the tickling sensation on your nose, you certainly would have stayed under the impression that this is indeed normal. Still half asleep you scratch your nose only to notice that that itching was caused by an insect. Now, the poor butterfly has broken wings.

Your eyes shoot wide open. Shocked by the realization that your current environment isn't familiar in any way, you hastily stand up pushing off the bunny that also mistook you as a decent place to rest on. The mammal runs away as fast as it can.

"What in the fúcking world is going on?!" You look down and see the butterfly desperately try to fly up - without avail. "Oh my god, did I cripple you?! I'm so sorry!"

While you are panicking on the ground two other figures approach. "...Excuse us but what are you doing on the ground?"

The sudden appearance of the strangers startles you. "I don't know! I just woke up here and don't know where I am! And I accidentally destroyed the life of a butterfly..."

"I see... If I am not mistaken you are a human right?"

"Ehh... yes? What else... am I supposed to be..?" Looking at the men in front of you, you can't find anything out of the ordinary. The taller one has red hair, tanned skin and shining golden eyes. The other one has dark green hair, matching eyes and something about him screams butler in your eyes. They might look more handsome than the average guy you expect to run into when you're in the middle of nowhere but nothing that would make the question whether you are human reasonable.

"To be frank, it would be more normal if we encountered a demon here.", the green haired man explains.

"...Excuse me, what?"

"Well, this is the Devildom after all. Living human beings aren't the most common thing in here."

At this point you are debating inside if you were drugged and are simply on a funky trip right now or if those two are just messing with you. Whatever it is, you aren't buying their story. "This isn't the time for jokes, please. I am not that gullible."

Both of them seem to be slightly surprised by your answer. "So, you are completely clueless about demons, the Devildom, magic and so on?"

"Yes, that stuff doesn't exist? I mean it would be interesting if yes but, in the end, it is nothing more than fiction."

"How fascinating... I wonder how you even made it here then. But I suppose we can't find that out due to your lack of the memories about the most recent events... In any case, what are your plans now?" It appears that especially the red-haired man somehow enjoys the situation.

"Getting home would be a great start."

"And that home is where in the human world?"

"I live in... in... I forgot."

"You forgot?"

"I mean I knew it a few moments ago but now it's gone. As if that memory never existed..." No matter how hard you try to grasp that feeling the forgotten memory left behind, you can't remember a thing.

"Do you at the very least remember your name?"

"Yes, it's (Y/N) and that's that is left, I think. I can't even remember the names of my family or my friends. I don't even remember if I had some... Did you two do this or am I going mental..?" The longer you think about it the dizzier you get.

"We certainly didn't do anything but maybe somebody else did. It could be the effect of a curse or a potion."

You crouch down and put your head on your knees, trying to calm yourself. "Please quit the demon and magic crap. I am in the middle of an existential crisis."

The taller man sighs and bends down to your level. "Would you be so kind and take a short look at me?"

"What is your... What..." Looking up you see the same guy from before but this time he changed drastically: The uniform is replaced by something a lot more revealing but still somehow fancy-looking and more importantly - his figure is adorned by a pair of horns and two pairs of black wings.

"C-can I touch them? Not wanting to be rude or anything."

He nods. "Yes, you may."

Absolutely bewildered you examine his demonic features for their authenticity. You stare blankly at him when you come to the conclusion that they are, in fact, real. "I don't even know if I should be fascinated or scared... ...What now?"

"You could come with us and then we could figure out what to do with you.", he answers while turning back to his more humanoid form.

It takes some time before you answer. "First of all: Who are you? Do you have names or something? And secondly: Is it safe to follow demons?"

"Ah right, we didn't introduce ourselves yet. My name is Diavolo and I am the future king of the Devildom."

"And I am Barbatos, his loyal servant. A pleasure to meet you. And to answer your question: I would certainly not recommend trusting demons you meet on the streets but I can assure you that neither I nor my young lord have malicious intentions.", the smile on his face is one of the politest you have ever seen in your whole life. That by itself is scary.

"The Demon Lord - or at least almost - and his butler. Yeah, you do give me the vibes for that... Well, I guess I don't really have a choice anyways. I accept your help."

Diavolo offers you his hand to help you up which you hesitantly accept.

Diavolo offers you his hand to help you up which you hesitantly accept

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