Chapter 5 | Einsamer Vormittag |

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"So, you're saying we will just leave them here, without anyone keeping an eye on them?"

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"So, you're saying we will just leave them here, without anyone keeping an eye on them?"

"Yes Belphegor, they will have to stay here by themselves. Even though they arrived earlier, their time at R.A.D. will only start once the other exchange students arrive too."

"And what if they snoop around in our rooms?"

"Why... would I do that? I know what privacy means too.", you flash him an awkward smile.

"Because you're a stupid and naïve human, that's why."

"That... kinda hurt."

"I trust them." Everyone, including yourself, is taken aback by the fact that Beel is defending you out of nowhere. He on the other hand doesn't notice how everyone is starring at him and continues to empty his plates.

Still, that small comment seems to be enough to shut that argument down. After breakfast the demon brothers leave for school and you are left all alone. With the paper containing the 'for-your-own-sake-don't-do-this-list' written by Lucifer in your hand, you walk to the living room. Sitting on the couch you stare at the fire and try to figure out with what you should fill time. "Hmm... I guess my only options right now are studying and exploring. ...Exploring then it is~"

You take a look at Lucifer's notes:

'- The lower level and 2nd level mostly contain our private rooms so, unless you are asked otherwise, you have no reason going there.

- The lowest level and the attic are off limits not only for you but for my brothers too.

- Do not move things to other places or make a mess.

- Only go outside if you remember how to get back. We won't immediately start looking for you.

- Remember that things can be cursed in the house too. Before touching or opening anything check if there is any signal of that item belonging to anyone (food) or that item generally appearing dangerous (books and others).

- Many records in the music room are deadly for humans to hear so leave those untouched.

- Pets like dogs and cats are generally not allowed.

- Some plants, ingredients and drinks have severe side effects for humans if eaten but everything that is currently in the kitchen is safe for you.

- Just like in the human world thievery, murder etc. is prohibited.

- If you see any of my brothers violate the general rules please report it to me.'

"Good to know that there are so many things dangerous to me... Since there are no forbidden rooms on this floor I guess I can look everywhere here."

After a longer tour through the first floor, you come to the conclusions that a) you need to find a hobby as soon as possible b) for now the library is your best way to pass time. Lucifer's warning in mind, you search for interesting or helpful books to read.

You secretly hoped to find a plausible explanation for your amnesia but the books that concern themselves with such topics are far beyond what you can comprehend.

So, you are left with books that aren't meant to be educational or informative. Picking a random book, you sit down in a corner of the room next to a potted plant and take a closer look before reading. " 'And Then There Were None'... A mystery novel... Well, better than to stare into air and do nothing."

Time passes and even though the book itself isn't boring you still find yourself getting more and more tired. "Why... did I... have... to stand... up so early if... I don't need... to... ..." With that unfinished thought in mind, you fall asleep with an almost finished book on your lap. The clock strikes 12 but the sound doesn't reach your brain anymore.

An undefined time later you feel your body moving. "Hm...? What's going on...?" Slowly you open your eyes and see that it is Satan who is shaking you. "Satan? What's wrong?"

"Why are you sleeping on the floor of the library?"

"...I guess I fell asleep while reading... What time is it anyway?"


You look for your phone in your pockets but can't find it. "I must have left it in my room... I hope I didn't oversleep Barbatos..." Hastily you stand up. "Sorry I gotta go. ...Eh, could I borrow this book? I am not finished yet and..."

"Every book stays in here. No exceptions. Sorry."

"Alright, gotta memorize the page then. Bye~" You put the book back to where you got it from and leave the slightly confused Satan to himself. It's not like if you cut him in the middle of the conversation he wanted to hold.

Running to your room you quickly grab your phone and check it for new messages.


'I will be there in 15 minutes.'

'(Y/N)? Are you at the House of Lamentation?'

'Are you alright?'

'Lucifer informed me that you probably went for a stroll without your phone and got lost in the process. If you manage to get back until 6pm my offer for tea and sweets is still valid.'

Lucifer's messages are similar to Barbatos'.

"I still have time. Nice!" With your highest speed possible you run out of the house.

Belphie and Beel who are playing cards in the living room saw you and look at each other.

"They came out of their room, didn't they?", Beel asks.

"Yes. Means they are good enough at hide and seek to avoid Lucifer for 2 whole hours. Impressive in its own way."

I hope you enjoyed reading and stay healthy!

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I hope you enjoyed reading and stay healthy!

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