Chapter 4 | Dein neues Zuhause |

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I am back~

There were certainly less awkward moments in your life

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There were certainly less awkward moments in your life. Lucifer is visibly weary of you, Mammon and Leviathan are arguing about money, Satan just left, Asmodeus is occasionally trying to seduce you, Beel looks at you as if you were a crispy chicken and Belphegor... well, his deepest desire right now would be to choke that chicken to death. To sum up, the dinner is going fantastic.

The majority of the day was spent with explaining, signing documents and getting all the necessary things for your stay in the demon world. This part was more pleasant than the current one since the demons you mainly interacted with there were Diavolo and Barbatos who kinda got used to you.

Time passes and more and more brothers leave the dining table. At the end it's just you and Lucifer. Nervously you take the last bite of your desert. "Sorry..."

"Sorry for what?"

"For interfering in things I have nothing to do with. Now you and your brothers have to deal with me staying at your house and most of you don't seem happy with it..."

Lucifer stands up and starts to clear up the table. "Actually, I would much rather thank you. Letting Belphegor go to the human world would have ended in a catastrophe, so you did all of us a favor with preventing that. The only thing that bothers me is that Lord Diavolo actually listened to you."

"Was it that strange?"

"Considering that he didn't listen to me, his friend, and that once he is set on something, it is hard to change his mind even the slightest - yes. What did you do to make him listen?"

"Nothing I am aware of... I only know him for a day or so."

Despite the fact that he doesn't seem convinced the slightest, Lucifer dismisses the topic for now. "Alright then. We will see each other tomorrow during breakfast. Make sure not to oversleep. Good night." With that being said, he leaves.

"Yeah... I will set myself an alarm to ensure nobody needing to wake me up again." You take out your D.D.D. and set the alarm for 7am. At the same moment you get a new message.

'I hope everything went smoothly.'

'More or less yes.'

'But I think it is understandable that you have to get used to a stranger in your house. I can't blame them.'

'I am sure you will get along with them after some time.'

'If you want to you can come to the Demon Lord's Castle tomorrow and enjoy some tea with sweats.'

'Sure, sounds lovely.'

'I will pick you in the afternoon then.'

'I am looking forward to it.'

'Me too.'

'Good night~'

'A good night for you too.'

Smiling, you turn off your phone and head to your room. The bedroom is rather remote from the others and not too well-kept but you feel like you've seen worse in your life. Enough pillows to burry yourself in them, plants and comfortable silence. Everything you received today is in here too. "It has its charm."

You plop down on your bed and quickly fall asleep. Sadly, that sleep doesn't last longer than an hour. Somebody is making noise in the kitchen. You wait in hopes that peace will return quickly but your prayers aren't heard. "Maybe I should check what's going on over there."

Still groggy you waddle out of your room towards the kitchen. Inside you see, in retrospective something you could have guessed, Beelzebub emptying the fridge.

"Up for a midnight snack?", you ask him.

Beel is surprised by your presence and stops eating for a moment. "I was to terribly hungry that I couldn't help it. Are you here to eat too?" He continues to gulp down the Backstabbing Sandwiches.

"Nah, not really. I heard something from my room and went to check. That's all."

"Sorry for waking you up then."

You shake your head. "Don't worry about it I- please don't eat that raw chicken!" Faster than Beel can react you snatch the whole chicken out of his hand.

Both of you are frozen in place. "I had the audacity to take away a meal from the Avatar of Greed. Great idea." Desperately you search for words. "W-well... ehh... L-let me prepare this... bird for... you... You know, so that it is tastier and... healthier. In the meantime, you can eat things that are... supposed to be eaten in their current state. How does that sound?"


With the help of some spices and potatoes you prepare a decent chicken and put it in the oven. Like small children waiting for Santa, you two sit next to the oven and stare at the big bird getting cooked. Beel even stopped eating.

After a while of silence, the demon next to you opens his mouth again. "I am sorry for Belphie earlier. He-"

"It's fine. He doesn't hate specifically me. I don't know why he hates humans that much but I know that you can't get along with everybody. That's something I can accept."

Half an hour later the chicken is finally ready. Carefully you take it out and put it on the counter. Before you can even take a knife to cut the meat, Beel already started eating.

He appears to be contempt. "You are a good cook. Did you cook often when you were in the human world?"

"I... don't know. I just improvised everything concerning this chicken. I am happy that you enjoy it though. If you want to I can cook you something sometimes."

Beel nods happily. In between taking bites he casually chats with you too.

"Once he isn't thinking of you as a meal he is really kind. I probably need to warm up with everybody to get a decent atmosphere back in this house."

When he's finished both of you go to your bedrooms to sleep.

This small event might have robbed you of a great portion of your sleep but at the very least you feel more accepted in this house now.

This small event might have robbed you of a great portion of your sleep but at the very least you feel more accepted in this house now

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I hope you enjoyed reading and stay healthy!

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