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Hey y'all,
LOTUS came down very quickly and without any notice because I got stuck again and realized that my decision to come out of hiatus was premature. I wasn't ready, I just got too excited because I was finally able to pull myself out of my writer's block 😔.

Anyway, I've been editing what I do have and adjusting the plot as I see fit. A lot aspects of the story still weren't making since to me and I knew if I continued to build on it, I would stray away from the real plot, so yet again, I'm simplifying to make sure it flows.

I am willing to republish the completed original version of LOTUS called 'Innocent' and an old favorite called 'Redemption' (not related to LOTUS) to keep you all occupied until this one is ready. If that is something y'all want, just let know and I'll republish them both by the end of the week.

While the removal of LOTUS isn't permanent, I can't say when I'll actually be able to post consistently. When I do, I may even switch platforms. This has been a tough couple of years, thank y'all for being patient and checking in. It means a lot.

jae ✨

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