Untitled Part 4

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*Michaels P.O.V*

I already flipped out on Stacey for being a selfless bitch to Robyn. I don't know why she hates her so much. She told me that she is a "worthless whore with no point for life," and "good thing she cuts" So I let 'er have it. And my mom didn't say shit when she got home. But that was earlier, I plop on my bed and scope for anything to do, nope mitts thing. "Let's bug my bitch of a sister," I say and hell why not? I get up and walk to her room. I knock, notta thing. So I do it a couple more times and still nothing so I take off down stairs, and that is when my mom had to ruin my "piss off sis" plan.

"Dear, it's supper time. Why don you go get your sister?"


"Nope none of that" so I go upstairs and turn the nob. The next thing I see is Stacey masturbating!!!!!!

"What the Helllllll!!!!!" i ran down the stairs painking and knowing she will kill me. i grabbed my phone and bag waiting her to speed down the stairs coming to flip out on me.

"You perv! what were you doing in my room?!" she looked at my with her eyes red and hands in her pocket. then after a loong pause she smirked. "why dont you put down your stuff, sit down relax. Mom and dad isnt home for a while, we can have some fun. What do ya think?" she moved close to me. i pushed her away and went to burst out the door. But before i could even try, she grabbed my arm and pushed me onto the sofa.

"What the fuck Stacey?? What are you doing?" i looked at her completely puzled.

"we are gonna have fun Michael, just me and you. No one else, im gonna start." she reached for my belt. I pushed her off and ran out of the door. I didnt lok back either. I was going to Robyns house, and no one could stop me. 

*Robyn's P.O.V. *

i sat there loking at him for a while. "Michael, what are you doing here?" he looked scared and tired. he looked at me and grabbed my hand.

"I have to talk to you, now...." he took me outside by his car. we sat there for a while looking at each other then the ground. i need to say something. but what...


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