life ends here

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My wrists are bleeding again. He left me for a whore. Why? I drop the blade and start to cry. Why me, seriously? Maybe I dont need a boyfriend, yeah fuck guys! Heh, wow. ain't I the charmer? Thats just what i need to say now.......

walking into the halls of that school is like walking straight into hell. all i see is things i never thought id see in reality. some to hard to even expain. looking at every face scares the holy shit out of me. "fuck!" i say as i open my locker. 

"Hey you! Emo! I heard you like my brother!" Shit! that bitch again?Stacy. The biggest whore ive met in my only life. 

"what the hell do you want, prissy bitch?" I slam my locker shut. Then I pull my sleave down so the scars are hidden. 

"Oh,someone thinks their so fuckin' cool. huh?" she gives me the death stare. then snaps her neck like shes some kind of drug whore.

"actully you should not talk about yourself like that. at least i dont have a different man whore in between my thighs every fucking day!" i look at her and waiting for her to swing first. "well, what the fuck are you waiting for BITCH!!!!!!!" then the noises in the hall shut down real quick. "im waiting!"

she looks at me and just says "just stay the fuck away from my brother.mokay? emo?" then looks around at everyone and walks away.

"damn, that takes alot of balls to say that to my big sis, so you like me?" i slowly turn around,and all i see is Michael Harms. stacys little brother.

"he he, so you were told?" i just stand there for a minute. "shit, im sorry. i, i gotta go." i quickly turn around and walk away. why the fuck am i so fucking loud!? 

i go home crying. why, the, fuck, am,i such a despret bitch? my foster parents are never home so i pretty much live by myself. i trow my bag on the floor and plop on the couch. "fuck." i say to myself. i here a loud tune of "teenagers" go off and i relise it s my phone. lillian. my only freind. "yees? im sorry i dont speak chinese so bye!"

"what the fudge? robyn!!!!??? listen i got some crazy news that involes you!"she sounds like its so important if i didnt listen shed blow up.

"If its about this moring i dont give a fuck." i look at an old picture hanging on the wall. its when i was 12 and had brown hair. now i have black hair. and i still have tan skin and violet eyes. 

" michael said hes gonna ask you on a date on friday!!!" she squeals.

"oh shit!!!" my color in my face drains." um... what the fuck?" i look at my phone looking at the date. its wendsday.

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