Chapter 2

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"well, yeah. He's asking you out! Supposedly he's liked you for a while now. And he's like 'ummmmmmm' like....."

I just sit there and roll my and think 'damn, like that was fast!' and so I just slightly smile. " Well, I have to stop this sooner or later, but I don't want to."

"hee, well I know that NO one else knows about this either." I can tell she's smiling her devilish smirk."and he said that i needed to telll you."

i sit still there for a minetue and think about what she had just said."wait, he told YOU about this and told you to say something to me! i slowy try not to shove my hand through the phone and choke her. " so your telling me that im going to go on a date with someone who ive liked for a lond time, and now you tell me!!!! i thought id know you better then that!!" 

she justs sits there for a second a finally says,"well i just got a text before i called you. so chill the heck out!" i know shes waiting for an apoligy.

"look im sorry, okay. i know its not an eccuse but, im, cutting again." silece falls into the conversatoin until i speak again. "im doing it 'cause of...."

"lucas. i know." she says in sigh. " i guesed thats why, besides what happened this week with Sarah. i am sorry." she seems to feel like me. lonley.

Sarah, my foster mom. we were trying to talk to my foster dad Mattew, but he wouldnt listen and he told her to leave. so she did. as she left to put her bags in her car she dropped her pills and the bottle rolled into the street. she looked both ways and went towords the bottle. as she walked,a speeding truck came and seemed to fly down the street. before she could do anything else she looked up at me and smiled a faint smile and it seemed that she said "i love you." just as the truck slammed into her body.the truck stopped at the end of the street by hit someones car. i watched her limp body fade from a bright,faint pink color, to a goshly pale. tears covered my face. and they do now. i say bye to Lillan and cry until i fall asleep on the sofa. i just wish she was here and, right now, it seems as if shes looking at me pulling my hair from my face, kissing me on the cheek and singing to me like she did to me when i was five.

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