Chapter 3

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Crying my eyes out, makes me feel better. Sometimes. Now it it gives me a massive headache. I wish she'd walk into hype room and hug me till I passed the hell out. DAMN IT!!!!!! I look around the room and I see my phone is flashing, a textwith e thy h 6 TYG GH 5t. "Well, I got nothing else to do besides cry my eyes out." As I pic it up i see its an unknown number. "What the hell?" I look at the message. It says " hey it's Michael Harms. Call me." Oh shit. I throw my phone across the room and scream. "Damn it Lillian! What the hell!" I find my phone across the hall, screen cracked. Oh well, I think. I look at the text and slightly smile. I text back, slow as possible, but not to slow of course. cause i know if i dont he'll know i still havent got off the phone with lillan yet. just as i press send he walks in, my foster dad. so as soon as i hit send i swoop my phone into my bag. "oh hi, mattew. What's up?" He looked at me as if he seen a ghost. He was carrying a black bag that seemed to be a little too full. "Matthew? Are you okay?" He didn't respond but he did plop down on the couch. After ten minutes of complete silence, he looked at me and sat there. Finally he spoke.

"So, who's Luke?" He said with worry and fear.

"He is well, a freind. And yeah." I say, trying to avoid the topic. He looks at me then looks away.

Then as if it was "destiny" the door was knocked. Mattew looks at me and points toward the door. "Are you sure..?" He nods and leaves the room, upstairs towards his now empty room. So i get up and slowly walk toward the door. I dont touch the nob, afraid of whos behind it. Once more the door was being knocked. "Damn." I whisper. As i open the door I hide behind it. Why am i so damn afraid?? Now i finnally grow up and open the door and what i saw next made my heart skip four beats....

To be continued....

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