Chapter 6

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Naomi's point of view

Once we landed in South America I grabbed my clothes from my 'BADASS' bag and put them on. I grabbed my vervain gun and personalized stakes and set them in my holders. I had witches spell my stakes so the would leave a make the body burn from the inside out.

"We are going to be staying at a motel." Elijah said as he guided us to the car.

"Why can't we just go take this Josh guy by surprise?" Kol asked.

"Because this Josh guy has every entrance from his mansion to the borders of South Africa guarded with spells vampires with daylight rings and staked with vervain digested and on the stakes. So we can't just take him by surprise Kol" I said angrily because he was not helping the situation.

"So how did we get in." he said.

"Again with the questions. Just don't ask. I'll write a book for you." I say sarcastically. I just wanted Josh dead and to get out of this country.

"What Naomi means to say is that the witches I have put a spell on the plane so they can't see us and we took out some of the guards and replaced them with Klauses hybrids so we are pretty secure for now." Elijah replies calmly.

"Now was that so hard to say Naomi." Kol said.

"Go look at yourself in the mirror." I say quietly. forgetting he could hear me. Elijah chuckled and Kol glared at me.

"I'm not a mirror Kol" I say and use my hand to gesture him go

I felt a burn on my skin. My tattoo (forgot to mention she has a tattoo of the witch triangle thing. It was burning off. Tis can't be happening right now. That tattoo protects me. it's like a protection spell permanently on my arm and gave me strength speed like a vampire but not as fast.

"Son of a bitch." I say but the burning feeling continues and the pain starts to go deeper. I grave my phone and call Buddy.

"Buddy" I say wincing. "It's happening again. "

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