Chapter 5

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Naomi's pov

I woke up in a tight hold. Kol had his arms wrapped around you sleeping, snoring softly. You looked at his adorable face and thought 'he looks so peaceful when he's sleeping.... almost human' he started to stir but you still gazed at him.

"Why are you staring?" He asked sleepily

"Because your adorable as heck." you said. Then quickly clamped your hand over your mouth. He smiled brightly and said "Thank you sweetheart." He kissed my forehead and got out of the bed. I grumble and stay there for what seems to be like a few minutes. Ending up being a few hours.

"Naomi are you up yet?" Elijah says. He opens the door wider swing me still asleep and comes to wake me.

"Naomi get up. Please.." be huffs once and says

"I'll just go get the water." I still refuse and sit there comfortable. then I felt a splash on my back and my eyes snap open. I get out of my bed with a death glare on my face.

I Walk into the room of the plane. Looking between both originals and stoping at Elijah.

"You" I say pointing at him.

"Yes Naomi is there a problem" Elijah says not looking up at me with a book in his hands. I am not one to wake up. Especially earlier than 1 pm. it was 12.

"You" I say once again. Kol looks at me for the first time and starts laughing.

"if I were you Kol this isn't a laughing matter" I say my accent thick. Because of my anger.

"Did you know when your accent is thick you look really sexy" he said trying to lighten my mood. I ignore his comment and walk towards Elijah and slap the book out of his hand and he looks up with a bit of amusement in his eyes and smiles innocently.

"Yes Naomi" he says sweetly.

"If you ever do that again I promise you I will snap your neck put you in a coffin with a hole in it and throw you in the middle of the ocean and not come back in the next 5 years. After I get you back I will shred all of your suits and ship you into space with only dried animal blood and a pink dress meant for a fat lady" I threaten. His smile drops and then says

"Isn't that a bit irrational dear?" He says warily. I walk into the mini kitchen the plane has and make coffee. There was no real point in going back to sleep.

"So what did you wake me up." I say

"Well it seems our dear friend in South America has been informed of your visit." Elijah explains.

"Kol?" I ask.

"Yes darling" he says. I glance up at him and say

"Would you mind staying here while Elijah and I talk with him" I ask

"Why of course not I'm coming to help protect you and why would you want me to stay and Elijah go." he says confused.

"Josh tends to like to take my loved ones away from me and kill them. Not that I don't love you Elijah your like the brother I never had but you know what he's capable of. Kol it's nothing personal but I don't want you here." I say while sipping my coffee.

"That's ridiculous I'm the original vampire and your human and your protecting me." He scoffs then adds.


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