South Africa?

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Naomi's point of view

I woke up at 5 am and took a shower.
I put on my sweats and grabbed my suitcase and ate a banana while driving.

I pulled up to the Mikaelson's and knocked on the door. Klaus opened the door and looked at me confused.So I asked.

"Is Kol up yet?" He shakes his head and says.

"You can come in and wake him though."
He opens the door wider and I walk in.

"We're is his room?"
"2nd floor 2nd floor on your left."
"Thank you." I say and head up stairs.

I knock on the door and wait.
Kol opens the door and stares.

"What are you doing here and how did you find my house?" He asks.

"Well you said you were coming on the trip and you house is the only mansion in Mystic Falls besides the mayors."

His expression turns into an understanding one and says.

"Ok one moment let me pack." he shuts the door. Only a moment later he comes out with a suitcase and act surprised.

"Wow your quick." I say.
"That's not the only thing I can make quick" He says and smirks.

I roll my eyes and walk down the stairs. Klaus was in the kitchen making a drink which I assume is blood but I pretend not to notice.

"Goodbye brother." Kol says and closes the door. I open my car door and get in.

"We're are we going exactly?" He asks curiously. "That is for me to know and you to find out." I say.

I pull out my coffee from my up holder and start to drink it. As I put it down I feel Kol's hand taking it out of my hand.

I suddenly feel an unknown feeling that makes me feel.....


I let him take it and he starts to drink it.
Then he spits it out.

"What the hell is that?!" He asks disgusted.
"It's coffee Kol."
"That is not coffee that's bitter grossness." I chuckle at his word choice and say.
"It's black coffee. No sugar or sweetners. It's not as healthy."

He looks at it in disgust and sets it back down. I turn on the radio and Misery Bussiness comes on by Paramore.

I start to sing along with the chorus and shake my head a little as I do.

"Who is this?" He asked.
I look at him actually surprised and say
"You have never heard of Paramore?"
He shakes his head no.
"You haven't lived." I turn it up some and sing it.

Once the song ended. he said "you have a beautiful voice." I felt butterflies in my stomach and Whoa WHAT??

"Thank you I sing all the time especially Paramore they are the 2nd greatest."
" 2nd?" He asks confused.
"My all time favorite it Christina Perrie. Shes a different genre of music but I like her a lot."

I pull into the first bar I see and get out.
"Aren't you coming" I say.
"Yes but why are we at a bar."
"I have people to meet and drinks to drink." I say. I walk up to the door an open it. I say "I'm gonna go to the bathroom wait for me at the bar." I walk to the bathroom and change into my ripped black skinny jeans and put my red shirt on and leather jacket over it.
My hair falls into its natural wave and I walk out.

"I'm back" I say to Kol. He looks down at me and his eyes widen.

"Something wrong" I say
"No just you look different"
"I don't we're the same work clothes and hoodies all the time Kol I have a style."

I yell "Buddy!"
He looks up and smiles. "My my look who has come back from the dead. I haven't seen you since Dillon passed." he says sadly. I smile at him and say. "I'm not here about Dillon anymore. this here buddy is my friend Kol. Kol this is an old partner in crime Buddy."

"Pleasure to meet you Kol" Buddy says.
"You too" Kol says.
"What brings you back N" he says
"Old work, old habits. And a few thing I need to take care of." I say. he frowns.
"N If your going to go back there you need to know that after Dillon passed and you disappeared he had taken over and-"
"All I need you to do Buddy is tell me where he is." I say cutting him off. He looks at me hesitantly and says "He is in South Africa" I look at him with anger in my eyes and drink the rest of my whiskey and throw it at the wall.

"See you again Buddy!" I say and walk out the bar and into my car. Before I know it Kol is in the car and says

"What's going on? And be honest with me who was that, why did he call you N and who are we going after." He says concerned. "Ok Kol you need to go back to Mystic Falls." is all I say. "No you are gonna tell me what is going on right now."
I stare at him with anger in my eyes and say. " Fine have your bloody wish. My name is Naomi. Buddy my friend back there was my partner I was with when we were dealing with a few people who were a threat to Africa." I look at him as I start the car. "Now that we have gone down memory lane we need to get to South Africa" he looks at me shocked not know one there was more to me than it looked.
"Who was Dillon?" he asked quietly.
"He was my fiancé" I say as the tears build up in my eyes. I don't bother to hold them back. He looks at me sad.
"I'm sorry I asked." he said.
"Don't worry he's been gone for a while. He was quite like you except with an American accent. But tell me about you. The Kol mikaelson" I say changing the subject.

He smirks and says "Well Miss Naomi I am from A far away place. Both of my parents are dead and I have three brothers and a sister. I didn't do any dirty work like you." he says. I chuckle.

I pull up to the parking garage and park the car while I grab my suitcases and hand Kol his.

"So South Africa yea" he says. I nod and tell the security quads my name and he lets me through.

"Don't we have to get tickets?" Kol says
"No we don't I have a plane for us." I say

We walk up to the plane and I stop him
"Now we are going to have a couple of guests on the plane. What ever you do do not do anything childish please." I said.

We get on the plane and I hug my best friend I haven't seen In a while.

"It's good to see you Elijah."

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