Chapter 4

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Kol's point of view


"How have you been Naomi." Elijah says.
"Better than ever." she said.
I pull her away and say "Who is he." I ask "An old friend" she says and leaves the room.

I walk over to Elijah and say
"What are you doing here?" I say
"What are you doing here and how do you know Naomi" he says
"I met her at the bar" I say. He chuckles and says to himself "She's still working at the bar." but then says to me "She and I have history with a certain foe"
"Did you know Dillon?" I ask. He nods and turns to Naomi who is now back in her sweats and hoodie.
"Elijah how have you been" she says sitting on the couch. "I've been well, would you like to explain to me why you have my brother here." He said

"Of course. I was at working and him and Klaus came in and ask for a bottle of whiskey. They left then I was at the park emailing you and Buddy. Mister Kol here thought it would be nice to visit. He practically begged to come with me." She said smirking at Kol.

Naomi's point of view

"I do not beg I'm-"
"I'm the Kol Mikaelson, good looking, ladies man who only likes to look at my reflection" I mimic. He scoffs angrily and walks over to the alcohol.

"Elijah he's back" I whisper. Even though I know Kol could probably hear me.
"I know darling we are just going to have to take him out again like we did before."
He said confidently.
"Elijah last time we had Dillon and buddy with us" I said sadly.
"But now you have 2 original vampires with you." he said hoping it would cheer me up.
"I know lijah I know"

Kol walked back in and said. "You knew we were vampires" he said shocked.
"Yes I did" I said flatly.
"Why didn't you say any thing." he said
"Well I know all about you, and you family. since the day you walked in the gril I knew exactly who you were."
"Well that explains how you found my house."
"And I saw Klaus with a blood bag" I add.
"He was tired and didn't care. You still should have told me." he said

"Elijah?" I ask.
"Yes dear?"
"Do you think we can beat him again"
"Who are we talking about exactly" Kol walks back in a little more calm and sits next no me. he looks at me curiously.

I stare back at him and admire the crinkle by his eyes when he is concentrating or laughing. Ok.... I officially admit it I have a crush on the Kol Mikaelson.

"Naomi?" Kol says. I blink and stare at him and remember he asked me a question. "His name is Josh. He was a great friend-"
"Great friend my ass" I hear Elijah say.
"Elijah!" I yell at him. Then I continue "Josh was close friend to me and Dillon. when me and Dillon first got to get her he became distant, at first I thought it was just a phase but he eventually decided he had enough with me and Dillon together so he caused terror. Burnt houses, killed people, families and tried to take over. He turned himself into a vampire Me, Dillon, and Buddy were in Australia visiting buddy's family. That is were I met Elijah and he had heard about Josh to. So we stuck together and went back and he had taken Dillon. Just to punish me. He-.... he" I couldn't hold the tears back and I let them fall. Elijah said "I think it's enough story time for one day" "No its fine let me finish. Josh took Dillon and compelled him to kill me and not to stop until he succeeded. He brought my parents in and had them in a room. They watched me kill him. They watched me kill Dillon." I said staring into nothing. "I left after that I wanted to die. I tried many times but Elijah would help me get better." Kol suddenly wrapped his arms around me as I sobbed into his chest.

"It's gonna be okay darling." he says. the butterflies in my stomach were coming from all over the place.

"Naomi.." Elijah said "I'm going to go rest have a good night and kisses my forehead then leaves.

Kol caries me to my bed and sets me down gently. He wraps a blanket around me and before he walks off I grab his arm and say

"Stay with me." I look at him and he nods.


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