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"Man stop fucking round"Ron said mugging everybody

Right now everybody was in the house chilling but somebody got a stick up dey ass and ruining the mood

"Fuck is wrong wit you g you been acting like somebody ate ya dog since we got here"Dontae asked

"Y'all niggas playing too fucking much needa shut the fuck up sometimes"he said sitting back and everybody was highly confused on why he was acting like dis

"Maybe he need a lil nap cus this ain it"ky said making us agree

"Ion need shit mind yo fucking business bitch"he said and everybody looked at ky then him as ky got up cracking her knuckles

"Woah woah chill ky chilll he just goin thru it rn give him a break"caeso said pulling her back cus she was tryna fight this nigga

Nobody know what's wrong wit dude yesterday they were all good planning a kickback now he acting all weird and shit

She backed up and started laughing to herself as she held her hand up for caeso to let her go and he backed up

"Ronald fix yo fuck ass attitude before i fix it for you"she said grabbing her phone walking upstairs

"Nah g tell me what's wrong"mook asked looking at him and Ron got up walked out

Tasia was out dere sitting on the porch with glokk when Ron came out she looked at him with soft eyes

She knew how it felt to lose your parents and she didn't wish it on nobody

She patted the seat on the other side of her making Ron sit down and put his head on her shoulder

"My moms gone Tasia she not coming back"he said as tears rolled down his face and she rubbed his head

"I know and it's difficult but you can keep living for her and make her proud"Tasia said as all three of dem sat in silence staring at the road in front of them

"If you tell anybody I was crying I will find you personally"Ron said breaking the silence making them laugh

"I won't"she said and they looked at each other and he held his pinky up

"Pinky promise"he said and she mugged him

"You for real"she asked as they laughed

"Hell yea"

"Ight Ight"she said as they locked fingers and they sat in silence again

She started rolling up as they all had small conversations from time to time

"I appreciate you real talk"glokk said makin Ron agree

"If it were me I would've wanted you guys to do it"she shrugged as they sparked up and started the rotation


"Go apologize, I know you frustrated and shit but don't start taking it on the people who care about you"Tasia looked at mook as he told her about what went down in the house

"Im going to I just want her to calm down cause if I walk in dere and she jump on me ima hit the lil bitch in da head"he said making her giggle

Tasia saw a car rolling down the street and Tae tapped the side of glokk pants to make him look up and they all grabbed they gun

The window rolled down and shots started ringing as they were shooting back cey and everybody were coming out shooting back

They car swerved and ran into the tree on the other side of the rode so they all went to check who was in there

It was five dead bodies and Tasia stuck her hand in the window and moved his shirt to see his kneck tattoo and at the other man on the other side hand the same one

she backed up looking at cey

"Wat? Wat happened Tae?"he asked as they walked back in the house to find lil bit and the rest

Tasia couldn't believe wat she saw never in a million years did she think that would even go down she couldn't even say anything

"Omg Lindsey you straight"Dontae asked pulling  her up as blood leaked through her shirt

"Bitch-stop saying-my gov dummy"she spat out

"Look at what dis bitch last words finna be"mook shook his head as Ron smacked his arm

"She ok"ky ran down the stairs and her and Ron mugged each other

"No time for y'all couple shenanigans we needa get her checked in"cey said pulling her up



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