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"And you know what's crazy?" Ron asked and we all said what

We was all high asf listening to Ron tell funny ass stories I don't even know who the funniest outta him and mook

I just be laughing my ass off cus them niggas hilarious

"I nutted in her eyes one time and she went to sleep woke up screaming so I'm like wat? Wat happened and she said bae I think I saw yo kids running round"he said and we busted out laughing

"Bruh wat the fuck"dooky laughing rolling round, we was all laughing till we heard smb come in and we stopped

"Heyyyy everyone"ky yelled running to Ron and I smacked my teeth, she always loud for no fucking reason at all

"Problem?"she asked

"Yea I don't fucking like you"I said leaning back rolling up again

"Heyyyy guys"lil bit said walking to boy Tae as Tasia walked in behind her not saying nothing

She went and dapped everybody up then sat down next to me

"Hey bae"I said to her and she mugged me

Her mean ass... I like it tho

"stop calling me yo bae for my brother really think something going on"she sat back pulling her knees to her chest

"I support it"lil bit said and dooky mugged her

Dooky DO NOT want me fucking wit Tasia AT ALL but ima grown ass man and I do wat I want he just see her as a child still and that ain my problem

He better fix dat shit cus dis my girl fuck wat he talking bout

"We should do something guys"ky said breaking the tension between dooky and lil bit

"Can I just say in advance I want to see some big booty bitches"Caeso came in and sat down next to Tasia

"Shid me too I'm WAP deprived"mook said

"No clubs tho that shit lame plus we all under 21 so maybe we should throw a kickback"ky said

"Ooh yes tell these hoes to pop up and invite everybody dey know"lil bit said

"Aw shit hope London gon be there"mook said talking bout his middle shook crush

"Man Yu still like that girl"Ron and he nodded

I laid my head on Tasia thighs and started to zone out as she played with my ear

"I'll bring the drinks"Tae volunteered "ok I'm on snack and food"lil bit said "I'm on dj"mook said "we can have it at my house"Ron said

And we all nodded thinking bout wat day we should do it on

"A Saturday is the only right answer"dooky said and we all agreed

Tasia stopped and I looked up and mugged her but she was laughing in her phone and I didn't even know how to feel

She not yo girl chill

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