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Hello my faithful readers, that is, if you still read or have this book in your library or reading lists.

So, I've come to the decision to take down The Other Key, and I have. It was not deleted, just unpublished. I wasn't happy with it, and I want to work on this book first.

I'm going to keep this version of My Guardian Angel up, but soon, I will post a new 'My Guardian Angel.' It will have a new cover, but it will stay mostly the same.

My main goal is to fix this book. It has many plot holes and mistakes and, as much I love this story and think it is one of my best. I need to fix it.

I came to Wattpad and my writing got worse for a period of time, but it has gotten much better. So now, I want to fix this book and make it better!

I hope you all choose to read the rewritten version of My Guardian Angel when it comes out! And I also hope you share it with friends, because I'm hoping it will be a much better story.

Thank you my mythical peoples!

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