Chapter 1- Car accident

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(her bike^)

Valentina POV-

"please don't kill me" he begged. I stabed him on his left shoulder then on his right shoulder,he screamed in pain,his screams are music to my ears. I cut both his arms,his legs and his babymaker.
"This is for all the girls you kidnapped and r*ped." I said as I slit his throat.
I made my sigh swords on his forehead so people know that who killed him. I am drenched in blood, not mine though. I took a picture of his dead body and send it to the person who hired me to kill this man.
I made my way to my bike and drove to my safe house.
Yes, You guessed it right I am an assassin, scarlet sword the most deadliest assassin. I don't kill innocent people and children. I live in London with my new foster family, I have been adopted many times but I either run if they are some sadistic assholes or they kick me out because I am not good for their image*eye roll*
I can't wait to turn 18 and then I'll be free, it's not like I can't take care of myself, I have been doing that since as long as I can remember.
I reached the safehouse, showered, changed into normal clothes ,a black jeans and black hoodie.
Then I drove to the house my foster parents live in. I parked my bike few blocks away from their house because if they found out they will probably sell it to buy drugs. I made my way to my room through the window. I changed into my night dress (black shorts and a black tank top). And went to sleep,not before taking my sleeping pills.
In the morning-

I woke up at 5 AM in the morning,old habits die hard. I quickly showered changed into a oversized black sweatshirt and black ripped skinny jeans with sneakers .

 I quickly showered changed into a oversized black sweatshirt and black ripped skinny jeans with sneakers

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I made my way downstairs to the kitchen,I made breakfast for Stefan and Kelly, my foster 'parents'. I made a coffee for myself then I took my school bag and went out before they wake up because I don't have energy to deal with them this early in the morning, I walked to the place where I parked my bike last night and drove to my safehouse. I walked in and made my way to Isa's bedroom,Isa and Elliot both live here. It's 6 in the morning so I knew she is awake, I went inside and saw her getting ready for school,we all are graduated and have our degrees,mine in business and fashion designing, Elliott in business and Isa in business and ethical hacking,but we still go to school for fun and to look like normal teens. "Hey Isa,good morning" I greeted her with a smile and sat on the couch,only they can make me smile."Hey Val, good morning "
She greeted. We talked for some time as she get ready."let's go"she said after she was done and we made our way to the kitchen, I made breakfast for us and Isa helped me, just as we were done Elliott came downstairs with his school bag,we greeted each other and then we all talked about some business and some random stuffs. When we were done with our breakfast we went out I took my bike and they took their bikes too and we made our way to the school. When we reached there we put our emotionless faces and made our way inside , students made way for us as we walked to our classes, we mostly have same classes. We walked to our first class,Maths. I kicked open the door and went inside with Isa and Elliot. My maths teacher jumped because of the voice,she was about to yell but when she saw me she cowered in fear , good you should be afraid. We made our way to the last row,I sat on the last bench with Isa and Elliot sat infront. I put my airpods on and looked out of the window the whole period listening to music. After a few classes it was lunch time We made our way to the cafeteria and kicked open the door ,the whole cafeteria was silent as they stared at us when we entered but one glare from me and they all continued whatever they were doing,we bought our lunch and sat on our usual table and talked. After lunch we went to our class and sat on the last bench when I was looking out of class ,principle said on the intercom"Miss valentina please come to the my office now".
Everyone looked at me including elli and isa who were giving me confused looks, I just shrugged and made my way out to the office.
I walked inside like I own the place and said"This better be important" as I sat down on the chair. I saw a lady police officer and a women in 30s but I didn't pay attention to them and looked at the principle to continue.

He looked at me with sympathy,that I hate and I glared at him.
"Miss valentina I am sorry to inform you but your Foster parents met with an car accident and lost their lives" he said with pity. I mentally rolled my eyes.
"So it is foster care again?" I asked with my usual cold voice. He looked taken back by my lack of emotions but I couldn't care less.
"Well I am officer Dawn and this is social worker Mia, we will do some tests and see if we can find any relatives if not then you'll be sent to foster care" the lady officer said.
"Okay then lets get over with it" I said and walked out of the office with the officers following me . I text elli to drop my bike at my 'parents' home and I'll tell them later what happened.
I went to the police station with them ,they did some tests then dropped me at my 'parents' house.
I went inside and thought about today's events as I changed and went to bed. Then the darkness consumed me and I fell into a dreamless sleep.

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