Part 2

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While you head home from your night class, an unexpected excitement fills you as you think about seeing Sunwoo. Ever since the two of you hung out that night, you've noticed Sunwoo trying to be more engaging with you. His attempts at building a friendship have made you realize that him becoming your roommate might not be so bad. It might bring you some new energy that you haven't realized you've been craving until now.

It surprises you that you can see yourself developing a friendship with him, and maybe makes you feel a bit shameful. Admittedly, you haven't really made an effort to be friends with Kevin and Eric's friend group, and maybe you should change that. You could be holding yourself back from a lot of great friendships.

With a growing smile on your face, you begin to make the trek up the sidewalk to your apartment. Thoughts of maybe starting that show you've been talking about with Sunwoo fill your head as you wonder if he's home. While you come to a stop in front of your apartment door to grab your keys, you try to figure out why you're excited to hang out with him and when this odd flip occurred. 

Sliding the key into the lock, you twist the handle and push open the door. Your eyes scan the living room, and when they come to a stop on the couch, your excitement immediately dissipates. There, sitting on the cushy, black furniture with some random girl straddling his lap, is Sunwoo. The pair is in such a heated and deep makeout session, they don't even notice your presence.

Ripping your eyes away from them, you shut the apartment door. The couple jumps apart at the sound and looks over at you, but you can barely glance in their direction. The image of her hands buried in his hair and his hands grinding her body against him refuses to leave your head.

Somehow, in the last couple of weeks, you've forgotten Sunwoo's reputation. You've allowed yourself to forget that, in his heart, he's a fuckboy.

"Hey," Sunwoo says, slightly pushing the girl off his lap like they weren't just about to have sex on your couch. "Welcome home!"

With a slight nod, you say, "Sorry for ruining your fun."

"You didn't ruin anything," he tells you, flashing a small smile your way. His black curls lay messily against his forehead, and you want to smack him for being attractive at a time like this. "How was your class?"

Your eyes land on the girl pouting next to him. The messy hair that frames her face and her swollen red lips tell you they've been at it for a while, and when she catches your stare, she sends you a nasty look. With a small scoff at her behavior, you focus back on Sunwoo and, with a dull tone, say, "Same stuff, different day."

Sunwoo lightly nibbles on his bottom lip as he notices your tone - likely feeling awkward about the situation - but then the girl next to him wraps her hands around his arm to get his attention back on her.

"Sunwoo," she whines in a cutesy voice. "Let's go to your room for some privacy."

She shoots you a look as she says the last words, and you roll your eyes. You couldn't care less that she doesn't like you here. It's your freaking apartment. 

Sunwoo looks over at her, and when you see her bite her lip and give him her best sultry eyes, you decide that's enough for you. You kick your shoes off by the door and begin to head to your room. Sunwoo looks like he wants to say something, but his girl is done with not getting his attention. 

With a glance behind you, you see her get up to her feet and pull Sunwoo up from the couch. His eyes fall down to her as he stands up and a slow smile begins to grow on his face as she drags him towards his room. The awkwardness he felt about being caught is replaced by lust once again. 

You hear the door shut behind them as you head into your room and follow suit. At least, you'll have two shut doors between you as they do whatever it is they're about to do. You swing your backpack towards the corner of your room and drop down onto your bed with a sigh. Okay. New plan. Tonight, we'll avoid doing homework by doing what we usually do - waste time on YouTube.

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