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Your POV

"Only a few more feet till the stairs." I mutter to myself, readjusting my hold on the heavy pot.

Could I just get Luisa to help me? Yes but she's been really stressed lately and I didn't want to bother her. Besides I can handle this one..little, heavy, pot on my own.

"Amor?" Luisa calls out to me, "Where are you?"

"I'm up here!" I respond, "I'll be down there in a minute!"

I wince as I lift the pot again, silently telling myself that I've got this. Sadly after a few more steps one of Bruno's rats run across my feet, startling me and causing me to let go of the pot, sending it over the railing.

I cringe as I hear it shatter downstairs before I peek my head over the railing to see the damage. My eyes immediately widen, however, when I see my girlfriend standing completely still with the shattered pieces of pot around her feet.

"Babe!" I shout worriedly rushing down the stairs, "Are you ok?" I ask coming to a stop in front of her, "Do I need to go get Julieta?"

She didn't answer causing me to worry even more. Immediately I begin to search her body for any cuts or bruises, muttering to myself that I needed to find Julieta as soon as possible. Although half way through my inspection Luisa stops me wrapping an arm around my waist.

"Mi amore I'm fine. I was just a little shocked." She chuckles lifting me up

I grab her head making her look down just to double check that the pot didn't cause any type of head injury. I run my hand through her soft hair, planning on looking at her scalp when she stops me again.

"Cariño I'm fine." She sighs taking my hand in hers and lowering me down to her face, "My body is kinda hard to hurt. It's as tough as the earth's crust."

"Wait really?" I stare at her in shock earning a laugh from her

"Yeah. Strength wasn't the only thing I got from my gift." She responds, placing a kiss on my forehead before setting me down on the ground

"Well that's a relief." I sigh hugging her

She hugs me back before pulling away, a look of amusement on her face.

"Although since you did just drop a pot on my head I need some kind of apology..."

"I'm sorry." I frown kissing her cheek, "How about some apology cuddles?"

Her smile grows bigger and once again she lifts me up in her arms, "Sounds perfect to me!"

I giggle while she quickly makes her way to her room, plopping the both of us down on her bed. Before I could even attempt to be the big spoon she pulls me back to her front, silently declaring me to the small spoon. I don't argue it however and turn around in her arms, snuggling my face into her pillows. Luisa chuckles shaking her head before resting her chin on top of my head. One of my hands finds her, gently intertwining our fingers. My girlfriend hums in content kissing my forehead.

"Sorry, again." I giggle moving my head into the crook of her neck

"All is forgiven my love."

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