14. Yeah, I think we're gonna need like twelve more ice packs . . .

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You know that kid that sits in gym class and does nothing whatsoever?

Or that kid that doesn’t have one athletic bone in their body? 

Yeah, this is not about them.

This person is exactly the opposite.

Usually, in a class, there is at least one kid that acts like this.

Okay, so you’re waiting for your gym teacher to say what you’re playing today, and everyone is talking to their friends, and you see this one kid up front, standing near the gym teacher. In fact, this kid is practically standing on top of the gym teacher, trying to merge into one being.

Possibly so they can be the one to choose the game that the class will be playing today.

So after the gym teacher looks uncomfortably at the student and takes about five steps away from them, he or she announces that you’re playing football.

Suddenly the kid’s face is half grin, half evil-eyes.

And you’re trying to find some way to get Katty to scratch you so you can tell the nurse you have rabies and prevent yourself from receiving the fatal injuries that are bound to come next.

Because hey, one scratch from Katty is better than two broken ribs from playing football. Maybe it's the easy way out, but life is hard sometimes. Sometimes it's okay to take the easy route. And, you know, maybe it's time that everyone else takes one for the team and let you sit out of this massacre.

The only problem is, everyone basically has the same idea that you do.

Therefore, the entire gym is practically convulsing on the floor pretending to have seizures, and fainting dramatically as soon as the teacher looks at them.

So the teacher blows his or her whistle and tells everyone to get up, stop being stupid and form into two teams. 

And then, ten minutes later, those fake injuries everyone was pretending they had end up being real, and there’s a line in front of the freezer, where everyone stands waiting for an icepack. 

Yeah. This is that kid. 

This is the kid that will run you over five times until you hand over the stupid football. 

This is the kid that will hit you with a baseball bat if you ever tell her the other team gets a foul shot, while playing basketball. 

This is the kid that makes all the other students wonder what death is like when they have to face the kid one on one. 

And, as if that's not enough, this is also the kid that ended up being considered a suspect at one point during the whole notes situation. 

Let’s call her (yes, her) Playa. 

Hehe, see what I did there. 


Like "player", but instead with an A at the end, because it makes it sound cooler? And then also because she plays sports and . . . you know . . . stuff? 

. . . Well. 


So Playa, like me, was not a helper in my eighth grade class. She was not in the room with Anonymous when the note was first put in there. 

But somehow, Playa was brought into the mix.

 In fact, I think she was brought into the whole mess solely because of the fact that she was such an aggressive person. People, I guess, thought she was capable of being the note-writer. 

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