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Females X Male readers  by Mattewaina
Females X Male readers by Mattewaina
This is my 2nd attempt to write a new book and I wanted to write it again and I apologize for not being able to get the first one done.
Playing The Game by just-A_potato
Playing The Gameby D.G
Not every blonde is stupid. In the South if you're a beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed girl high expectations are made. Either you're not extremely smart, so you find...
Dear Bullies by avidkotlcreader
Dear Bulliesby Audra/Tanisha *On a Semi Hiat...
Elsa is always bullied. She has dyslexia, EBD, is adopted, and is desperately trying to control her life. But then her father is suddenly ripped away form her. When bull...
Kim Minji won't deny that she wanted something new in her life. And it seems like someone had heard her because the next thing you know, a so-called mistake that her sis...
Short Stories by PeachGravity
Short Storiesby Ky
A compilation of Tagalog/English Short Stories (one-shots) that was written on my spare time. ---
The life of Tiffany. by Arianneblackwell
The life of Arianne
Tiffany is a foreign girl who comes to live with her grandfather in the Caribbean. At first, her life was ordinary but then, a spirit from the grave changed Tiffany life...
[ON HOLD] 36 Students in a Classroom by AwesomelyBlaze
[ON HOLD] 36 Students in a AwesomelyBlaze
Update: This story has been discontinued. - I am terribly sorry. Your mother lied to you. She told you that you were unique, and that as a teenager you have a whole bunc...
Trichotillomania by Emilxox
Trichotillomaniaby Emily
Trichotillomania is an extremely difficult problem to conquer. This book's purpose is to show people with it that they are not alone and to educate those who don't know...
Reach by Tutteredboast
Reachby rolling scone
Would you rather be a prisoner of your own body or dead? And when you can't love yourself, what limits are you putting on your ability to love others? A story of a paral...
Ezrabine/Sabezra vol3: enter the Rebelverse by NOVADAN99
Ezrabine/Sabezra vol3: enter the NOVADAN
Time to mix you Bad Larrys up, we're hitching a ride onto this volume, and I will leave you hungry for more :)
When your past becomes your future | BNHA by phenomenal1500
When your past becomes your #PHENOMENAL
Years fighting, teasing and calling each other enemies. Guarding their heart, but deep down knowing what they both feel. Things changed between them when their whole wor...
𝐖𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐒! oneshots. by stqrry-night
𝐖𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐒! ## h + a ‧₊˚✩彡
kpop oneshot book. taking requests. no smut. please be respectful. - by hana and areum
Creepypasta experiences | Scary experiences by Wa44Pad_Kun666
Creepypasta experiences | Scary Wa44Pad_Kun666
I dont care if you dont believe me. I have had some scary things happen to me, I've had weird things happen. Some may just be what I've talked to cleverbot about, I just...
Deal Between God And  Devil  by Mileywatson27
Deal Between God And Devil by Milaywatson27
Harry a 18 year old boy . he live with his guardian. His parents died saving him . His biggest target is to get revenge from those who killed his parents. But is that's...
Cheyenne's songbook: A collection of melodies. 🎤🎶 by CheyenneKersh
Cheyenne's songbook: A ♫Leprechaun♫
We've all had that moment, Where the only thing that understands us is the music, The melody in our hearts that speak the words that we are too scared to tell, Afraid, S...
Being Observant is a Curse by theVoidMeowsBack
Being Observant is a Curseby theVoidmeowsBack
Real life shorts. Little bit of satire. These chapters will be typically shorter than my usual goal of 1,000 words simply because even with detailed description of life...
Paranormal Experiences by Kurisu-chan_15
Paranormal Experiencesby Kurisu Daiski
Different encounters of non-human activities. People talking about ghosts or demons and other stuff related to the paranormal. This may not be an entire story written ab...
Dreams That I Had. by fantasyadelit
Dreams That I Fantasy Delight
Soo pretty much these are my dreams that i have from the past to the present but of course this book will have a poor update because my dreams don't really show often. S...
The Problems Of Having ADHD by xSandshadowx
The Problems Of Having ADHDby Faith Valdez
Hi. I'm Faith, and I have ADHD. Those of you out there that also have ADHD, you know the struggles. From the medicines to the fakers, it seems like the world is against...
Karmas a bitch by Riley3210
Karmas a bitchby Riley3210
Ever heard the saying 'karmas a bitch'? Well karma James is the exact opposite of a bitch. But her being called one everyday at ocean view high school isn't helping her...