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Facing the Kings by just-A_potato
Facing the Kingsby D.G
"With his death I nearly met mine. Till revenge told me to behead the King." Cameron Martinez, an unnoticed girl who lives in Chicago which seems to be Gang He...
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[ON HOLD] 36 Students in a Classroom by AwesomelyBlaze
[ON HOLD] 36 Students in a AwesomelyBlaze
Update: This story has been discontinued. I won't be updating any additional chapters. Please don't blow up my inbox asking for updates, as there won't be any. If you ch...
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Playing The Game by just-A_potato
Playing The Gameby D.G
Not every blonde is stupid. In the South if you're a beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed girl high expectations are made. Either you're not extremely smart, so you find...
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Becoming A Queen by just-A_potato
Becoming A Queenby D.G
SEQUEL TO FACING THE KINGS Cameron Martinez was chased out of her hometown by the gangs in Chicago. She and a friend are in hiding, hidden away from their family for the...
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OngNiel | Mine. & Yours. by plc_ent
OngNiel | Mine. & PLC ent.
An OngNiel Drabble Collection #01.Good Talk: Real Life; Fluff; Sleep-talking #02.Home Run: 16+; Baseball au; jealous!Niel -- Brought you by P.L.C ent. -- Truyện dịch...
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The First Cut by ReturnofArc
The First Cutby Moony
You lie down on the gurney, clad only in standard issue scrubs. The nurses slip on a head cap and tuck you in. They begin to wheel you to the operation room. The anesthe...
"K" by Paranox
"K"by Paranox
A collection of random stuff on the internet that makes me laugh.
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Little Problems Shattered Heart by Taylor_TDM_101
Little Problems Shattered Heartby Taylor_TDM_101
I wasn't expecting this to be my first story, but I want to write about my life and my problems. This is gonna be a vent diary so 1. If you don't want to be sad don't re...
The Life and Death of a Relationship by Dichotomous_Me
The Life and Death of a The Sad Man
I was lost, and I was found. I experienced the deepest and most profound love imaginable, and with her I felt more safe, warm, and accepted than in all my life. Sud...
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This book is an essential guide to living a great life full of confidence. Will teach you the process of how to become a queen. Becoming a queen is not easy you need to...
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Isang ubod natatanging karanasan na magpamulat sa sambayanang Filipino. Ang twisting at tampok ng istorya ay kakaiba. Hindi mo malalaman Kung sino ang tumutulong Kay Kar...
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Short Love Stories by niconamirobin
Short Love Storiesby niconamirobin
A collection of short love stories for you guys to read and enjoy from around the web!!
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When He Loves (Book 1 & 2) by Emma5304
When He Loves (Book 1 & 2)by ♔Emma MK♔
#5 in lone #27 in moveon #53 in unrequitedlove #73 in newadult #thewritersawards2018 Book 1 [Completed] Book 2 [Ongoing] _________________________________________ "...
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The Story Of Us by kristankrian
The Story Of Usby GreatPretender
This is a GXG story. If you are not fun of reading a Girl To Girl or you are a homophobic person, You can immediately leave. Thank you! Date Started: August 28, 2019 Dat...
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Real life marvel girls by Bulltial
Real life marvel girlsby Bulltial
if they were in real life
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Ezrabine/Sabezra vol3: enter the Rebelverse by NOVADAN99
Ezrabine/Sabezra vol3: enter the NOVADAN
Time to mix you Bad Larrys up, we're hitching a ride onto this volume, and I will leave you hungry for more :)
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Written in the stars  by InAPicture
Written in the stars by Gi x
Cover credits to The Potato Princess Note:Please don't copy, if you want to base some ideas please ask me first. This is a MCD fan-non-fiction This is real life. We may...
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NielOng | Xé đôi thế giới | Tear The World In Two by plc_ent
NielOng | Xé đôi thế giới | Tear PLC ent.
"Em sẵn sàng xé đôi cả thế giới này nếu em ấy cần." __ Tags: Real-life, Light Angst ,Fluff, YMC is snake, Oneshot Written by AuthorUnniOng Brought you by P.L...
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my death battles by omegacain
my death battlesby omegacain
my death battles that i think are good, such as these thanos vs goku, dovahkiin vs steve from minecraft, one punch man vs batman, darkseid vs vegita, ECT
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Random Thoughts  by suvilian
Random Thoughts by suvilian
I read once some where that if you're feeling something you can't express out loud write it down and maybe you might feel better. So here I am Randomly writing down all...
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