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Ok, forewarning, all of my classes got real busy real fast and all of the clubs I am in also started pickin up, so I didn't have anytime to write shit down. So in this update I'm gonna just write some of the things I remember. Sorry for falling off the face of the earth.

"What happened to you?"
"I fell"
"And what happened to you"
"I fell on top of her"

"Yeah, it was a 12"

"I'm gonna own a strip club in Vegas, like im not gonna dance, but imma own the club"
*cue at least 5 people asking if she would hire them*

"This rich guy asked my aunt to marry him just so that he had someone to give all his money to. They never even spoke after they completed the papers, and he died like 2 weeks later"
"Lucky her, I'd have to do all the dirty work myself"
"Yeah, but like, it seems like it would be easy to kill an old guy"
"Yeah, just unplug his breathing machine in the middle of the night"
"Nah, just flip the breaker switch."
"Could have the kid come in and 'trip' on the cord and unplug it"
"Ooh. You could put poison in his oatmeal or something"
"Give him rancid bacon"

"That teacher has been being a bitch ever since her girl left her. She needs to get some [explicative]."
"I agree, she needs to chill out"

"Midterms suck"
It's finals you dumbass, mid terms were 2 months ago"
"Well, whatever they are, fuck 'em"

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