September 7, 2021

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"Your a damn bully" 

"I'm gonna confuse the crap outta y'all, and its gonna be beautiful" 

"You cannot hit on guys who have girlfriends."

"I love going to see the old people, but I don't think I could work there."


"They die all the time. Its, like, normal. Like this one guy didn't answer his phone, so they went to check on him, turns out he had fallen and hit his head and just died."

"I'm going to shoot the counselor and then shoot myself"

"Shoot me first" 

"Fuck this. Fuck this class, Fuck this school, fuck this assignment, fuck you, fuck me, just fuck everything.

"Thank fuck for that" 

"I'm gonna drop out and become a stripper. I'm serious" 

I wanna move to New York, but I also wanna live in Beverly Hills."

"Big dreams" 

"Yeah. we ain't ever gonna get outta this little po-dunk town are we?

"No, probably not"

"I'm pissed off"


"the assignment that i was up until 3 working on has been extended to Friday..."

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