-Restaurant de l'Hôtel de ville- Chapter Nineteen

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(2 hours and 3minutes)

Am Leo... are you finish now? Alice said

Am yeah I'm finish all this documents and am.. are you hungry you want that do of us have to eat outside Leo said

Yeah I'm hungry right now hehehe Alice said

Oh ok so I gonna fix all this and two of us will can go Leo said

Oh ok but wait let me help you fix all that mess Alice said

Am ok thank you Alice my love hahaha Leo said

Leo and Alice finish fix all the documents and they already in the car

So where do you want to eat? Leo said

Am I don't know but how about you where do you want us to eat? Alice said

So do you want that two of us eat in the Restaurant de l'Hôtel de ville ? Leo said

Am ok hehehe Alice said

(10 minutes at there ride)

Wow! This is kinda so expensive restaurant you have been choice Alice said

Hehehe yeah but I know you never came here before but you can try there expensive food here there are so delicious here Leo said

Am ok Alice said

So what meal do you want to eat? Leo said

One Kobe beef and one vegetable salad Alice said

Oh ok that your choice Leo said

(15 minutes waiting there order)

So here's now your order Sir and Ma'am waiter said

Oh thank you Leo said

So are you excited to eat? Leo said

Am yeah I'm almost excited hehehe Alice said

So just try it I know that's so delicious Leo said

Hmmm it so delicious Alice said

Hehehe yeah it so delicious Leo said

5 minutes finish eating there meals

So are you full right now? Leo said

Hehehe yeah I'm already full and how about you are you full? Alice said

Yeah I'm already full in this food Leo said

So In the evening in 7:00 pm I know that we have events to go right? Leo said

Yeah but I'm not sure if I'm ready to go there in the events Alice said

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