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January 11
8:44 pm

"Thank you for helping me with my work. I owe you fave" I thanked my brother, jr, while I put my work back into my bookbag, on FaceTime with him

"Shutcho ass up. You been saying you owe me since yo ass got in high school"

"And one day I'll come through" I told him and we both laughed

Even though jr hated me up until I was about 5 or 6, eventually we became super close and he's always been overprotective of me

Even though my brother was and has always been bad as hell.. let everybody tell it he's been bad since birth, jr was actually really smart and his love for science is actually what inspired him to want to go to med school which actually shocked everybody. The first thing we all thought about was jr and his reckless ass mouth becoming a doctor, however that's not what he was going for. He wants to do medical research which is something I actually can see him doing lowkey. But whatever makes my brother happy, I'm all for it

"What you cooking?" I asked, looking in the camera closely


"That's all you eat. You and Joie" I told him, referring to his girlfriend of 3 years.

He and joie met in school and now she was officially a rn while jr had two more years to complete of school so she worked her full time job while jr worked a part time as well as going to school so they could afford the apartment they shared together near his school.

"Nah, Joie always eating out some fuckin where"

"Okay now not too much on my sister in law"

He sucked his teeth

"So when you supposed to come home again?"

"Ion know. I just came home for Christmas"

I frowned "And you spent majority of your time running the streets with Hendrix. Probably doing stuff y'all ain got no business doing like usual"

"Stay outta grown folks business"

"Whatever jr. You just forgot about me. Go ahead and admit it"

"Ain nobody forgot about you"

"Yes you did but it's okay. I'm a big girl, I'll get over it"

"Ain even bout to follow yo ass up" he chuckled "but aye, ima talk to you later"

"Okay. I just needed you to help with my work anyways"

"I know. Witcho ain't shit ass"

"Whatever jr. I'll talk to you later"


I hung up the phone and put it on the charger before getting off of my bed and left my room, going down the hall and went into my parents room. They were both in the bed so I just jumped right on in between them and smiled

"You have a bed" my momma spoke first and they both looked at me


"So why you in ours?"

"Cause I'm lonelyyyy. Can y'all have me a baby brother or sister or something"

"You probably got one coming after what me and yo momma did last night in that spot you laying in" my daddy told me which made me frown up my face and I got off of the bed

"That's disgusting"

"Girl we grown"

"But still. And I hope y'all don't plan on having another baby forreal. I was just saying"

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