Chapter 2

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Yin Mingzheng is very beautiful. At the age of fourteen, he has a childish appearance, pale skin, and his body is not fully stretched. The skeleton is not big, just like a little girl. Due to long-term malnutrition, the whole person is thin and thin, like a weed that grows hard in a dark corner. The branches are thin and long, and they sway when the wind blows.

He is about to turn fifteen years old and belongs to one of the oldest children in the first and third grades of junior high school.
When the alcoholic father refused to let him go to school, if the neighborhood committee had not known the virtues of the alcoholic father, they had specially reminded Yin Mingzheng’s adoptive mother and promised that he did not need to spend any money to go to school. Out of school children.

If the adoptive parents were ignored, Yin Mingzheng went to school one year later than his peers.

As for the kindergarten, Yin Mingzheng did not have the opportunity to attend, and the family was too poor, and the foster parents were unwilling to waste money.

At the age of three or four years old when he went to kindergarten, Yin Mingzheng was wandering around the community alone, uninhibited.

Shu Ning is one year younger than Yin Mingzheng. When she was more than three years old, Shu Ning went to school in the Sunflower Kindergarten in the community, sitting on the slides and swings in the yard, having fun, through the high fence, Shu Ning Several times saw the little Yin Mingzheng standing outside the fence, staring at the children in the kindergarten through the green belt less than half a foot away.

There is a special play area in the community for the children in the community to play.

In the afternoon, kindergarten was over, and her grandmother picked Shu Ning home. After passing the play area, Shu Ning saw Yin Mingzheng sitting on a swing by himself, lonely.

The community just after school became lively, full of children’s laughter, and the children rushed to the amusement area and soon occupied the amusement facilities around Yin Mingzheng.

“Are you going to play?” Grandma wanted to chat with the mother-in-law she knew, and asked Shu Ning.

Shu Ning nodded, “Yes.”

He handed the schoolbag to his grandmother and rushed to the play area.
“Hey, this is my swing, come down quickly!”
The tender voice made Shu Ning who was sitting on the seesaw turn her head and saw a little fat man standing by the swing, akimbo, shouting to Yin Mingzheng.

Yin Mingzheng lowered his head, revealing a white and soft back neck in his brand-new blue clothes.

He is not as happy and lively as a child when swinging on a swing. The arc is very small and the speed is very slow, which makes the little fat man extremely unhappy.

“Hey, did you hear?”

The little fat man raised his hand to push Yin Mingzheng, who was taller among his peers, and with great strength, suddenly fell Yin Mingzheng to the ground.

The little villain stood up from the ground, eyes dark, stubbornly holding on to the chain of the swing, pursing his mouth, not letting the little fat man use it.

The little fat man was so angry, he reached out to push the little villain.

The little villain kicked the little fat man, and the little fat man fell down, slightly startled, and then started crying loudly.
The crying and howling attracted the attention of the surrounding parents. The little fat man’s grandmother walked like flying, rushed to the swing to help the little fat man, screaming darlingly.

With an adult backing up, the little fat man howled even harder, pointing to the little villain and saying, “He beat me! Grandma, he beat me!”

Seeing that it was Yin Mingzheng, the short mother-in-law immediately yelled in dialect: “It turns out that it’s you little bastard! #%¥#…”

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