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Sidharth ye kya bola isne, I could hear Maa shocked on something when I was about to enter

Yahi ki ye mere Dadda nhi hai, Abhi mujhe bhook lagi hai, Aadia jaldi aa na yaar kitna time aur, Aahnik was shouting and the same moment I knew why was maa shocked.

Akele kha leta na, I heard Aadia speaking when I entered inside.

Buddhu hi hai tu, akele khane main maza nhi aata chal ab, Aahnik spoke and she nodded

Dadda khana, She said to Sidharth but he stood there contemplating what to tell his Mom.

Dadda, Buddy, they both shook him and he came back to the world.

Haan bacha jao dono kha lo, he spoke and they ran away.

Sidharth kuch pucha maine, Maa asked again.

Maa Voh..

Kya maa voh Sidharth, kitna suspense bana kar rakha hai, Maa aahnik ko isko buddy bulana pasand hai, uske according Dadda toh hai ye Aadia ka toh kisika best friend bhi toh hona chaiye na as inke saare friends main se koi bhi touch main nhi hai except Ashu, I spoke trying to make her believe what I just said and with her expressions I think she would believe it easily.

Oh acha, pagal hai kya Sidharth, itni si baat nhi bata sakta tha, Maa hit him playfully on his arm but he was just staring me.

Bacha tu bhi thak gyi hogi naa, jaa aaram kar le, Maa spoke and I smiled at her before making my way towards his bedroom.


Mumma, Aahnik squealed when he saw me coming towards the dining room a few minutes later.

Kaisa hai mera bacha, I said ruffling his hairs and picked up Aadia only to settle her on my lap.

Cheating, Aahnik shouted but before I could react Sidharth settled him on his lap.

See we score equal now, he spoke and Aahnik smiled.

Ashu aa raha hai kya, Sidharth asked no one in general but I knew this one was for me so that I could talk to him.

Pta nhi abhi ek mahine pehle hi toh aaya tha rakhi par, I said to the point not wanting to indulge in any sort of conversation.

Aadia bacha kya hua nhi khana aur, I asked when I saw her playing with food.

Bas, pet bhar gaya, she spoke keeping a hand on her stomach and I nodded taking the plate and finishing whatever was left on that.

Bacha ache se khao, Maa said coming out of the kitchen with her food and I denied saying I am not hungry.

Sana abhi vapis kahin jaana hai kya, Maa asked.

Nhi Maa, Sanchi se milne gayi thi kaam tha na usse ho gaya, I spoke smiling but she looked at me as if asking who Sanchi was.

Sanchi is my best friend Maa, My only friend there in Angeles, I replied and she smiled.

Angeles main mile the kya tum dono, Sidharth you never told me Tu Angeles gaya hai, But tumhe dekh kar lagta nhi hai you are foreigner matlab galat mat lena, she asked and I choked on my food. We haven't even thought of what were we going to tell her about where we met, how we met. Fuck you Sidharth! I thought of creating this mess around us.

Arey Dheere Bacha, Maa patted my back and I could see Sidharth controlling his laugh. I glared him through my eyes and he widened his eyes in fear. I will see how you make it up Sidharth.

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