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𝕀ℤ𝕋𝕀ℝ𝔸𝔸ℝ by Aaradhyarora
𝕀ℤ𝕋𝕀ℝ𝔸𝔸ℝby Aaradhya Arora
Feeling helpless and powerless by the power of love is like a drug that they don't sell over the counter....... "Muskurana tu ki jaise waabasta nhi mere iztiraar s...
thoughts from when: 1. the sky is an ocean 2. the world is kept outside your window 3. the stars are at your feet
TRU Life: Freshman Year (Lesbian) by albgotwords
TRU Life: Freshman Year (Lesbian)by #teambrokebitch
Look out, folks-- there's a new freshman in town. That's right, Gwen Galley has made it to her freshman year of college. With the daunting memories of her past constantl...
My Mate Is Bullied*2018SummerSpecial* by L0v3ly417
My Mate Is Bullied* Medusa
I didn't know she was my mate. I had no clue!! Why did I do this to her my whole life?i left her and everything fell apart. And hopefully she will be ok...I hope she wil...
Killer Instinct: Carrie Unleashed by LunarAquarius
Killer Instinct: Carrie Unleashedby LunarAquarius
"Carrie had an ability, but she was a person, not a monster. She had hopes and fears, and we pushed her. You can only push a person so far before they break." ...
My Divine Purpose by TwinflameSeries
My Divine Purposeby Monica Lisa Julio
What is my purpose? When will this never ending question stop? Who am I? What you seek lies within. All you need is to open your eyes and accept your destiny.
Finding your twinflame by TwinflameSeries
Finding your twinflameby Monica Lisa Julio
Have you ever felt like you've known a person long before you've met them? Have you been troubled by your thoughts because of the strong attraction towards that particul...
Radio (Rihanna & Chris Brown) by yourfavesread
Radio (Rihanna & Chris Brown)by Fantasy Reads
Have you ever listened to the radio late at night during a quiet storm and wonder, who is that seductive speaker? Why do they make me feel so sexual and free? Why do the...
Three wishes and a fairy godmother by Beverly-presents
Three wishes and a fairy godmotherby Beverly-presents
Crude and aggressive Chika bumps into his polar opposite;a chirpy fairy godmother. A meeting that forever changes his life. After much 'merry' convincing,Chika decides t...
amazing 21 by greenforestwhere
amazing 21by greenforestwhere
I only get inspired when I'm sad so yeah
Blonde and Ebony by chinadoll9
Blonde and Ebonyby chinadoll9
A short-story about that one time I cut all my hair off in a desperate attempt to gain some sense of control over my life and self.
Unloveable Warmth//A Collection of Thoughts by justasilhouette
Unloveable Warmth//A Collection justasilhouette
Inside you will find a collection of thoughts, whether that be through poetry, streams of consciousness, dialogues or just plain ramblings. We're all mad here//it's cont...
Poems For Thought by PeoplesVictory
Poems For Thoughtby PeoplesVictory
An anthology of poems based on life situations. Mixture of univeral issues, emotions, humor and inspirational poems.
Najma by naj_audu
Najmaby Naja'ah
Najma Othman. ring any bell? Maybe just your regular teenager, or could there be something behind the curtains? The only child to an admired writer and the not so ext...
The Toki Ponist on the Mountain by nullelement
The Toki Ponist on the Mountainby Null Element
Like so many people, Joakim combats his inner demons. His latest strategy is uncovering a lost civilization based on a few peculiar words he has picked up in a language...
Dear Artina || Keith Powers by DionnaAmbrosia
Dear Artina || Keith Powersby Dionna
"Dear Artina #28, I think you're lovely, lucky, and lavishing- pursed smile and all. I'm too shy, too unfortunate to even give you a call. I hope one d...
Quotes Collector by sama_baj07
Quotes Collectorby sama_baj07
You know that awesome feeling you get when you find money in your pocket? The same feeling of joy I get when I find jotted down quotes scribbled in the corners of my tex...
||• The Secrets of Tarot •|| by Shivran86
||• The Secrets of Tarot •||by Māyā
Featured by @CoffeeCommunity in their reading list Cappuccino To seek answers Through a poem Teaching the mystical tarot Through words woven By the magic and spontaneit...