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It was around 10 when I entered my house after a hectic day and for the first time in years the warmth was missing, I have built this home with only love but today it felt weird, I was used to the fights of Aadia and Aahnik now, I was used to them being around, my life I knew I wrapped it around Aahnik, Aadia and Shehnaaz, still oblivious to the fact that what she actually wants.

Sidharth paani, I heard her voice and assumed as if I am imagining her, why would she embrace me back when I just behaved as a jerk in the morning, my life has taken a total turnover from the day I have just heard her voice so I thought to let it be and didn't opened my eyes, my head was anyways paining due to continuous missing of meals when suddenly I felt a hand caressing my hairs and I knew I am not dreaming now.

I opened my eyes only to see her there, with her no make up look, loose hairs and eyes filled with innocence, just the way I like. She forwarded the glass again and I just drank the water gazing in her eyes. I was thinking of how can this person be so mature, I have hurt her so many times and yet she was here with me caressing my hairs.... Why???

I'm sorry, she mumbled pecking my face multiple times and I was thinking of what happened suddenly.


I'm sorry, she mumbled again and I could sense pain in that but still wondered why?

Shehnaaz Tu theek hai na baby, I spoke concerned now and she nodded.

I shouldn't have compared you with Vedant Sidharth, she spoke meekly.

Kab kiya baby tune aisa kuch, I said sighing and making her to sit besides me.

In your office I don't know but jab aapne... I didn't wanted it Sidharth but mujhe firse worthless feel hua, I felt someone using me all over again and at that time I happened to compare you with Vedant, Nhi hona chaiye tha, aap Vedant nhi ho na... you are my soul Sidharth , mujhe mujhse better jaante ho and then how can I even..... she spoke breaking multiple times in between and I sighed this woman deserves the entire world at her feet.

Agar main reason nhi deta toh tu karti kya voh sab, nhi na I asked and she nodded in a no.

Bas phir! Stop proving yourself guilty for everything joh Maine kiya.... It was something so absurd Shehnaaz, I don't deserve you, I spoke.

Bas karja Sidharth, aise toh I don't deserve you too, You are so perfect, ek dum dream types, I don't even now if I could ever love you the way you make me feel, do you think I deserve this homely feeling. Malum hai, it scares the hell out of me only to even imagine what would happen agar by chance you aren't there Sidharth, zindagi hai tu meri sab kuch hi hai tu, tune mujhpar itna trust kiya hai na, mere khud ke ghar wale bhi ek time ke baad mujhse dur hogaye,but you have promised me an eternity without even confessing, after years I have followed my heart Sidharth, bahut himmat krke don't make me hate myself more.... She spoke and I smiled brightly.


Aahnik aur Aadia se baat hui, I asked when she brought dinner for both of us, I sighed I miss them too much.

Hmm, she replied sounding off.

Khaiye, she spoke and I looked out to find it was just a plate and she wasn't going to eat.
Tumhara kahan hai, I asked.

I had it aap khaiye na it's already very late, she spoke and I might have believed her if she for just once made eye contact but she didn't and kept scrolling her phone which I knew had nothing.

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