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   Currently I'm entering a store right now. Nothing better than a 12:00 am snack on a Tuesday night. I try to make it a weekly thing. Plus it's good to walk.

No I didn't drive, it's best not to attract attention to myself. And if you have a car, it means you have money. Money, no matter how little, is something people love to steal.

Cars aren't super common lately. You know, since the world as gone to shit and all.

I head straight to the best isle created in the world, the one filled with frozen treats. Ice cream.

I smile when I see her. My favorite flavor in the world. Sandy's birthday cake. She's my world.

God, I could make love eating that ice cream. And as I see it, it's the last one. Perfect timing.

Walking up to it, I see another figure heading in the same direction. He has a hoodie on, so I can't quite see his face. Plus I'm too focused on getting to my ice cream to care.

As we get closer, I begin to examine him. He is tall, I love tall guys. And if I had to guess what I've cream he would get, I'd say Oreo. He looks like an Oreo kinda guy.

He gives me a nod, and opens up the freezer. I give him a smile and start to reach for my ice cream. My heart stops when I see him reach for the same one. Of course he beats me to it.

Mother fuck... "You can have it." I look up in shock. This is the first time I look at his face. And wow, just wow.

I've been to this store so many times, walked through this town. And I've never seen someone that looks the way this guy does. The tips of his brown hair peaks through the hood of his jacket. Brown haired, blue eyed, weirdly at this grocery store.

He stares down at me. Probably confused on why I haven't grabbed the ice cream or said anything. "Seriously?" I ask him. He's giving up the best flavor in the world.

"Yea," he laughs. God, even his laugh is hot. "You'll probably enjoy it more then me." Nice and hot, must be a secret psycho.

I look at the boy skeptically but reach out and grab it. "Probably not, I'm lactose intolerant."

He raises an amused eyebrow at me. "And you're eating ice cream?"

"Yea." I am very suspicious of this kid. Believe me, I've been here multiple times. No hot people come here.

Well, besides me obviously.

"Ok," I start to say backing away. "Thanks, but I have to get going my dads waiting for me."

His eyes widen a little, before looking around. "Your dad's here?" Well, no. But I wasn't going to tell this stranger that.

"Yup, so I have to go. Bye." I turn around and start walking to the cashier. I groan when I see two people in line.

What the fuck is going on? The two people in line, yea hot guys as well. I look around the store. Am I in heaven or something?

My jaw drops when I see the stuff they're checking out. Are they buying the whole store?

It's not even the guy currently checking out's stuff. It's the one after him, the one in front of him is almost done.

"Hey buddy." I tap the guy's shoulder. He turns around. He's a young guy, blonde hair blue eyes. "Wanna let me go in front of you?" I ask batting my eyelashes. Works every time.

He gives me a once over. "Nope." He says turning back around. Ok, rude.

"Well, why not?"

He groans and turns back around. "Why should I?"

I put on a sweet smile and hold up my ice cream. "Because my ice creams going to melt."

He looks down at my hand where my ice cream is being held. His eyes widen, "No way! You like Sandy's birthday cake ice cream too."

My fake smile turns into a real one. "Yes, you've had it before?" I say excitedly. He nods. "Do you like it?"

"Like it? I love it. I actually just sent my friend to go get me one like a minute ago."

My smile instantly drops. Well this is super awkward. "Hey dude." I hear a voice come up. "They are out of the flavor you wanted, so I got you Oreo." Oreo, I knew it.

The Blonde guy's smile instantly drops, and his gaze drops to my hand. I turn around and greet the guy from before. "Are you sure?" I laugh nervously. "I swear I saw like ten when I was just there."

The brown haired boy gives me a smirk. "Did you now?"

   I give him a tight smile and tilt of the head. Dear, stranger please shut up so I can go in front of your friend and pay for my ice cream.

As if he can read my mind he says, "Hey Levi, why don't you let her cut in front of us?" My head snaps back in his direction. There's no way he could of known that's what I was thinking. 

The Asian boy at the front sighs, "Guys can we just do this already? I'm bored."

Yea, major red flags.

And I was right. Can you believe it? Because I can, I'm always fucking right.

   I didn't have any time to react. Couldn't even do anything to save myself. Because next thing I knew, there's a sharp pain in my back. And you can probably guess it, lights out.

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