Twenty Eight

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   "I suggest you cut in." Gwen says taking a sip of her drink.

   I look in the direction her eyes are settled in, there was Lily and William still dancing.

   "Your suggestion is noted."

   "And?" She says turning to me with a raised brow.

   I cock my head and smirk. "And ignored."

   Gwen groans. "Come on, they have been dancing the whole time. She's only dancing with him because her parents are here and she wants to show off."

   "Her parents are here?" I ask.

   "Yes, all of our parents were invited."

   I laugh at that, "I don't think my dad was."

I suppress a groan when I think of him. And more importantly, his plan.

To get close to the prince, be invited to his party, get what I need to get. Check and check. How am I going to do the last part? No clue.

   "Obviously." She laughs shoving my shoulder with hers. "But seriously. You need to march right on over there, and take back your man."

   "If by march over there, you mean stay right here next to you and gorge myself with food, then yes. Also, he's not my man."

   She groans again, "Look at him Arden." I listen to her, looking over and examining him. "Don't you want to, just in the slightest? Look how handsome he is."

   I tilt my head and think about it. He does look nice, dancing there. If you ignore him dancing with another girl, obviously.

   I don't notice my legs are moving until I hear Gwen's distant laugh, and see Will closer than before. My lips move before I can stop them. "Mind if I cut in?"  The two heads turn towards me. Lily doesn't answer, but turns to look at Will. Probably waiting to see what he will say.

   He doesn't spare her another glance before letting her go.

   Lily knows the answer, and takes a step back. "Go ahead." She gives me a small smile, before turning and walking away. I could almost swear I say a hint of disappointment.

   Will is quick to pull me close, putting one hand on my waist and the other grabbing my hand. Leaving my free arm to wrap around his neck. "I thought you'd never ask." He smirks.

   "I didn't think I would get to dance with the birthday boy." I smirk back. "Happy birthday, by the way. I didn't say it earlier."

   His grin grows. "Never in a million years, I would of guessed that you would be wishing me a happy anything."

   I roll my eyes, and shove him back. I gasp when he quickly pulls me back in, leaving little space between us. My hand no longer in his, but on his chest. I can tell this earned a few new glances from the surrounding audience.

   I fix my hand, and move it so now both of them are around the prince's neck. "You're annoying."

   His smirk grows wider at that. "You can't be mean to me on my birthday princess."

   "Aren't you tired..." Will cuts me off before I can finish.

   "Of being this good looking all the time? Yes, it's exhausting." He teases.

   I scoff, "No of being this full of yourself."

   "I could never be tired of that."

   I roll my eyes. Something I constantly do when I'm with him. "I was going to say of dancing. You've been dancing with Lily the whole night."

   A glint of mischievousness glows in his eyes. "Jealous?"

   My mouth slightly parts, taken back from what he suggests. Me? Jealous of him dancing with Lily?

   He shoots me a wink, before continuing to talk. "You don't have to answer that, I know the answer." Is he serious right now?

I don't reply, not knowing what I could even say. "Arden?" He hesitates. "Do you want to go somewhere?"

   I don't hesitate. "Yes."

   He smiles, letting go of my waist, and grabbing my hand. He then leads me past the crowd, to our friends. "Art room?" He suggests walking up to them.

   All of them give eager nods. "Oh finally." Gwen let's out a sigh.
Apparently it is very common for this group to sneak off during events. Their designated spot, being the Art room.

It wasn't hard to sneak all of us out. After the first two drinks, everyone is less concerned about the prince and more concerned about each other.

So here we are, kids escaping reality.

We've been in here for an hour, just talking and laughing. Everything innocent. Well, for the most part.

"So you liked when he insulted you?" Levi asks completely confused.

Somehow, we have started discussing the topic of ex's. It is currently my turn to share.

"He didn't actually mean it though." I say, trying to explain. "He had a good mix between nice and mean. But not actually mean, like he would joke around. I liked it."

"Sounds toxic to me." Lily laughs.

"No I get what she's saying." Gwen speaks up. "It's not fun when a guy is always super sweet. Gets boring, I like a little spice. Like fire and ice kind of thing."

"Exactly." I say.

"Maybe it's because of your daddy issues." Levi smirks taking a sip of his drink.

"Or maybe it's because she's a bitch."

All eyes turn in Will's direction. Everyone just as shocked as me.

"Did he just call me a bitch?" I ask pointing to myself.

Will turns and gives a smirk, clearly feeling the buzz of his drinks. "Yea, and I bet you liked it."

A faint blush rises in my cheeks. Did I like it? Yes. Why did I like it? I blame the alcohol.

"Oh my god, she did." Levi laughs.

This earns laughs from everyone, well everyone but me. Will laughs, "I don't actually think she's a bitch, I just wanted to see how she would react." He turns and tilts his drink in my direction. "And you princess, never fail to surprise me."


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