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Weeks have gone by, and I've been at the school for a month now. William's wish had come true. My hatred for the school had soon turned into love.

Everyone is used to me being here. All the dirty looks and weirded out gazes have all disappeared. I still get them occasionally from Gwen, though.

Everyone else had seem to accept me. I even help out with the little kids now with Will. He teaches the kids combat training, I always beg him to let me tag along to help.

I even have the stupid bracelet off. Unlike what they thought, I didn't start going around blasting things. They still haven't figured out how to get the necklace off. They've told me they've been working on it. They meaning Carter and Andrews, reading old books and texts trying to find a solution.

They haven't had a lot of time to do it though, and I haven't been rushing them.

   The war is getting worse. Meaning, all the kids who are of age have been busy. They don't send the kids straight onto the battle field, the kids just do missions normal people wouldn't be able to do. If they need information, to retrieve anything, save anyone, a super will go.

Speaking of missions, the three boys are about to head out on one. There has been information about a leak. Says that there are spies hidden in a house next to the Royal Arm's main base. The boys are being sent out to check on it. "Why don't you ever go with them?" I ask Lily. We are currently walking to see the boys before they head off, since Lily is apparently needed.

"I can't really help out because they don't really need it. I'd just be in their way. William is strong enough to go on his own, but they used to send just Carter with him for backup. Levi would feel left out and would practically beg to go. Andrews is a big softy for the boys, so he of course says yes. That's how they all became so close."

That's sweet. "Maybe one day they will let me and you go." I joke, Lily laughs and agrees.

"That would be an adventure."

"What would?" Carter asks when we walk up.

"If we'd get to go on a mission just the two of us one day." Lily explains still laughing.

"You definitely need one of us strong men with you." Levi says flexing his muscles. "You know, to protect you girls and all."

"Sure, Levi." I laugh rolling my eyes.

"You'd get us killed." Says Lily.

"I would not."

"Yes, you would."

Levi turns to Carter, "Tell my evil twin I wouldn't."

I then turn my attention to Will, while the three of them bicker. "So, is it a dangerous one?" He knows I mean mission, I ask him this every time.

"Definitely one of the more riskier ones." He sighs looking at Carter and Levi, I can tell he's a little worried. I've had a talk with him about it before, he's never worried about his own safety. But of his two best friends.

"Oh." I look over at them, now a little nervous as well. Will wouldn't be able to know though, since I can finally block him out. "Well," I say trying to lighten the mood. "get hurt."

Will's mouth morphs into a smirk, "You're supposed to say don't get hurt, Arden."

"I wouldn't want you thinking I care about you." I smirk back. He knows that I don't mean it, and that I do care about him. Care for all the boys, that I would consider them my family now.

"I wouldn't dare think it."

"Good." I smile. I frown a little when I start to think of the mission.

"Don't be nervous," he nudges my shoulder playfully. "We'll be fine."

"I don't like when you go in my head."

"I didn't, you just wear your heart on your sleeve."

"Ready?" Ben says walking up. Ben is a sixteen year old boy. Who has a super power, obviously since he's here. He can teleport to any place he thinks of, as long as he sees a picture and has a clear image in his head.

"Yup." Will says.

"Remember, you're only scoping it out. If there are spies, Andrews says not to approach them. You guys have an hour exactly before I come back and get you. Same exact spot, right outside the building." Since Ben is only sixteen, he's not allowed to stay with the boys. Andrews doesn't let any kids under eighteen go on missions.

"Aye aye Captain." Levi grins.

"Levi, you aren't going this time." Ben sighs.

"What? Why not?" Levi complains.

"I'm not strong enough to take two people there and then come back. So Lily is going with me, and is holding onto my back amplifying my power. Sorry, if I could I would."

I can see that Levi is disappointed, but he doesn't push the subject. Lily gives him a small smile. He notices everyone visibly feels bad, and replaces his disappointed expression with a boyish one. "Don't be sorry for me, be sorry for them. Their mission is going to be boring now without me."

The boys smile and shake their head. "We will be back in an hour." Will says.

"Be safe." Levi says, I think he knows that this seems to be another dangerous mission. He's gives both of the boys this sort of bro hug.

I walk up to Carter first and give him a hug. "Don't do anything I would." He laughs and messes up my hair.

I then turn and walk up to William. I give him a tight hug. "Will..."

"Get hurt," he laughs. "I know."

"Will." I say seriously.

He gives me a tight squeeze. "I know." He whispers before pulling away.

"An hour exactly." Carter smiles.

Lily grabs onto Ben's shoulders. While Ben grabs Carter and Will's arms. "It's time." He says. Lily closes her eyes and starts to concentrate. I've never seen her actually use her powers before.

They're beautiful. Her hands glow yellow, and Ben's veins start to turn the same glowing color.

In a matter of seconds, they're gone. "Well this sucks." Levi groans kicking a rock.

"I'm sorry you don't get to go." I touch his arm.

"Don't be sorry. It's not your fault my powers suck."

"They don't suck."

"Yea, they do. My sister's are much more useful."

"Yours are just as..." I'm cut short with a flash of light. Lily and Ben are already back. Ben instantly falls to the ground. Levi and I rush to help him. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, sorry. I wish my powers were stronger so I could help more." He sighs, we help him up before leading him to a chair to sit on.

"Kid, you powers are super strong already." Levi says trying to cheer him up. I listen to Levi give him a pep talk. I can tell Ben is disappointed in himself. Why? I have no idea. He's sixteen and is already able to do so much.

I smile at Levi. It amazes me how he could be so sad a second ago, and completely put his feelings away to focus on someone else.

"God, that was tiring." Lily says putting her head against the wall.

"One hour of resting." Levi says. "Not one minute later or sooner."


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