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   I enjoy the kiss a lot more than I thought I would. So much, I forgot my whole plan for a couple of seconds.

   Will also seems to forget what we were doing. Because his arm holding mine, moves down to hold himself up, while his other hand cups the side of my face.

   Getting my thoughts back in place, I wiggle around a little not breaking the kiss. I slowly move my hand out. Maybe a little slower than I needed.

   Now or never, I reach out and grab the dagger on the floor. I move it up to Will's neck before breaking this kiss. Will's eyes blink open I'm shock, not processing what just happened.

   I'm just a girl and he's just a boy, both destined to have attraction. And like I said earlier, attraction is a hard thing to fight.

   Will looks down, when he finally notices the sharp blade against his neck. He then, starts to laugh.

   "Is that allowed?" I hear someone ask.

   "That's highly inappropriate." I hear Gwen say disgusted.

   I pull my gaze away from Will's and look towards the group. I see Lily with her mouth open, Levi and Carter double over in laughter. "Did I win?" I ask, out of breath.

   Andrews has mixed emotions on his face. I couldn't tell if he was impressed or uncomfortable. Maybe a little of both. "I guess you do." He says, looking around to see what the other students think.

   "That's cheating." Gwen says crossing her arms.

   "How?" Lily asks annoyed.

   "She, she used her..."

   "Body?" Lily finish's for her. "That's usually how you fight."

   "No but, that's not what I meant..."

   "I think it's fair." A girl speaks up.

   "Yea, she definitely won." Another boy says.

   "Will?" Andrews asks. I turn and see that Will's gaze is still on me. "William?" Andrews asks again.

   "Hmm?" He finally answers turning and looking up at the group.

   "Do you think it was fair."

   "I definitely wasn't expecting it," he laughs. "So yea, props to Arden for outsmarting me."

   "Ok, then it's final. Class is over everyone, Arden you get your bracelet off. Lily, come help me with something really quick" Andrews says, Lily nods and follows him. The rest of the class starts to leave.

   A wide smile stretches off my face. Carter and Levi walk up to us, clearly amused. "Damn De'Clare you let yourself get distracted." Carter jokes.

Will laughs, "Can you blame me?"

"Not for you getting distracted for a quick second, but could've pulled back through if you didn't start smacking on her." Levi laughs.

"What can I say, she's a distracting girl." Will says amused.

"I'll say." Levi says looking down at us. My cheeks turn red when I notice we are still in the same position. I drop the knife and Will starts to get off of me.

I scratch the back of my neck nervously. "Whoops?"

"It was a fair fight." William sits up and stretches. "Definitely would do it again." I laugh at that.

"I'd kick your ass again, easily." I can tell the win is already getting to my head.

"No, I know your little tricks now."

"Doesn't matter, I'd still win."

"You know, I could easily beat you. Kill you if I wanted." Will says.

I scoff and look at him. "You could not kill me."

"Even right now if I wanted to, wouldn't even get in trouble."

"You would so get in trouble." I argue back.

"No one would question my decision. You said it yourself, I am the prince."

I snicker, "So you admit it." He rolls his eyes, but still smiles. "You don't even kill, Mr good boy." I point out.

"I can make the exception for you." He smirks.

"We both know you'd miss me too much."

"I would not..."

Carter cuts him off, "I would." I smile at Carter.

"I would miss you too if someone decided to kill you."

"What about me?" Levi says.

"Mmm, no."

"What? Why not?" Levi scoffs.

"Because you didn't say you'd miss me."

"Fine, I'd miss you." He grumbles.

"Awww, Levi. Are you going soft?" I coo.

"Oh shut up, I take it back." He pouts crossing his arms.

I stand up and brush some of the dirt off my pants. "I'd miss you Levi."

"Thanks." He smiles. I reach out a hand for Will to take. He chuckles, but grabs it. I don't do a lot of the work pulling him up, it's mainly all him.

"Would you miss me princess?" Will asks.

"Definitely not."

"Liar, we know you would." He smirks looking down at me. I guess I would miss all of them if anything happened. "It's ok, you don't have to say it."

"I wasn't..."

Will cuts me off. "No Arden, really don't say it."

"And why not?" I cross my arms.

"We can't have people thinking you care about me." Will winks.


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