[#1] First Of All

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3rd POV

Woah, my head hurts. It was probably from that alcohol that I drank... which is something that my friends shouldn't have done because I don't like those things in the first place.

I'm on the ground, my head still hurts from that rough landing. Fucking idiot! Who even jumps at that altitude with no parachute, huh!?

I don't even remember doing that in the first place! Anyway, what's done is done. Now, where am I?

I opened my eyes as I stand up to look at my new environmental surroundings. Trees, rocks, blue sky, white clouds, water is still water, and a naked woman right beside me.

Hol' up. Naked woman beside me? I double check to make sure that the effects of the beer is truly gone from my mind.

It's gone... but I can't say the same about the naked woman, though. I'm the only one who have clothes, and the girl is unconscious.

Should I run away now? I realize it's too late because the girl is waking up. The girl sat up and is already opening her eyes.

Wait a minute, why can I see... myself? I can see the girl at the same time, too. Now, the both of us are completely awake, we continue to look at each other.

I raised my right hand, and the woman also raised her right hand. Wow, this is so trippy, and I'm not even complaining about it.

I did the same with my left hand, she also did it, too. What is this, a charade game or something? Both of us put down our hands and continue to stare at each other for two minutes.

And here's the surprising part.

[Sep/???]: Why are you copyin- hey, stop that! What!? I said stop copying whatever I say!

Both of us stared each other with our mouths wide open. Is this really happening? This... thing? I got a doppelganger that follows my every move.

I think for a minute and contemplate on what my life has led me to. Hmm... hmm... yup, this is in fact real, alright.

This girl doesn't have a name. Let's give her one.

[Sep/???]: Your name shall be...

Wait for it.

[Sep/Selia]: ...Selia. Yes, that's a girl's name for sure.

Now, the naming convention is out of the way, I gotta find a way out of this forest. I- I mean, we suddenly got dropped here without any warning.

I might as well find a way out of here while the other me try to find clothes... and I realize how dumb that is because there are no clothes shop around here.

We're in a forest and we can see a grimm... wait, A GRIMM?! It started to growl at us like a stray dog that is about to bite us on the ass. That can't be good.

It's only one grimm, how hard can it be? Then I realize I don't have any weapons or anything that I can defend myself with.

[Sep]: Hahahahaha...

[Selia]: ...I'm, or we're, toast, other me.

I already got the hang of it, controlling two bodies and all. The grimm still didn't attack us, so we quickly use escape, and it was effective!

Well, for a minute, that is. The grimm is much faster than us, so it almost caught to us pretty quickly. We circled around the forest and back to the starting point on which we crash here in the first place.

Man, running naked is cringe. At least the other me has clothes, so that's a plus and cringen't. The grimm is back and it's angry than ever before.

Both of me (That's so weird saying that) are (Is? Idk) tired from all that running. The grimm knows this and decides to mock us by mimicking a tired, panting person.

Are grimms this smartass or did they just grew a backbone by increasing their IQ by 0.0001 percent? It was probably the former... but I can vouch for the latter, too, you know.

My other female self is dirty... I meant that her body has mud, leaves, sticks, that kind of stuff on her. I want to clean that other me, but this grimm is not letting me have any of that.

The grimm is charging up something in its mouth... it is about to shoot fireball! I tackled my female self because she was the one who is being target upon, the attack completely missed.

Damn it, how am I supposed to kill this thing? Wait, I'm in the RWBY universe, so that means I must have aura, or semblance. The grimm was about to ram into us, but it somehow tripped over nothing.

I used this opportunity and tried to activate my semblance. It worked! "How," you asked? Well, my male self (Which is on the right side) has his right eye emitted a dark red color (Like US!Papyrus except it's red), and my other female self (Which is on the left side) has her left eye emitted a bright pink color (Cute... minus ten points, lol).

My male self has his weapons materialized such as chainsaw, axe, spike hammer, and many more sharp, lethal, and deadly weapons. My female self also has her weapon materialized, but this time, it brought out... the not so dangerous weapons such as teddy bear, Hello Kitty, barbie, yeah... wtf.

So, I just sent my male self into battle with the grimm and wiped the floor with it, winning the battle like stealing a candy from a baby. EZ GG.

[Sep]: Why is your weapon so... tamed?

I don't know the word, but her weapons are little bit not so weapons, if you get what I mean.

[Selia]: I don't know, other me who is a male. Also, I need clothes. Pronto. It's getting cold and it's almost night time.

I, by I I mean we, looked at the sun go down, signaling for the moon to rise up as a result. If I know one thing, is that night time is never a good thing... I played RL Craft on Java Edition in hard mode.

Aight, time to craft some bed...


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