The urge

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I had just finished third period as i started walking to fourth. Also known as my teacher aid period. I walked into Mr. Fuentes classroom and I immediately noticed i was the only one here. Mr. Fuentes turned to me with a questioning look.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Um i'm your teacher aid." i said awkwardly.

"Whats that?" He asked leaning on his desk as his hands grabbed the ends of it.

"I-uh i do whatever you tell me too really. Or if you need help with anything i'm kind of here." i said.

"Ah i see. Well there was an assembly today so you can go if you want to. Or you can just hangout in here." He said writing something on the board.

"I'll just stay in here." i said biting my lip and covering my face with my hair.

He slammed his marker on the desk and breathed loudly.

"Can you not do that?" Mr. Fuentes said.

"Do what?"

"Bite your lip." His tone was hushed and frustrated.


"Cause its too distracting." he mumbled.

I think it was meant for me to not hear but i heard it loud and clear.

Cause its too distracting

It too distracting

"Oh uh okay."

I said down in the table in the back and took out some homework i didnt finish. But i couldnt concentrate with His words burned into my brain.


I watched as he said down at the back table being a little too quiet. I was praying that he didn't hear what i said. I couldn't help it though, it just kind of slipped out. I walked over to him slowly till i was right behind his chair.

"Are you okay Kellin?" I asked.

He jumped a bit then looked up at me with his big blue eyes. Oh god i would love for him to look at me like that while i fucked him hard from behind. I could bend him over rig- Shit no i cant think that. I would get hard right now and i do not need that.

"Uh Mr. Fuentes?" I heard Kellin speak.


"You kinda zoned out for a bit." he said biting his lip.

I swear to god if he does that again i will fuck him on my desk, wait no i need to calm down.

"Oh, yes uh sorry." i cleared my throat and walked away.

I cant think about him like this. It was inappropriate and absolutely disgusting, but I couldn't help it. When i had called him out during class, his head shot up and he had strands of hair in his face and his mouth was slightly open and just the sight was sexual and made me feel weird. If we met under different circumstances I would love to have him as a one night stand but he's my student.

He's my student and it was illegal and I needed to remind myself of that.

"Mr. Fuentes i'm gonna go now, i have some stuff to do." Kellin said looking at the floor.

"Okay, but wait can you go to the office and ask for 45 copies of these quizzes?" I asked handing him a paper.

"Sure." he said with a smile and put his bag down. He turned around giving me a nice view of his ass and began walking away.

I bit my lip and reminded myself that he's a student and that my thoughts were wrong.

I decided to grade some homework to get Kellin off my mind.


After half an hour i was done grading the homework assignments that were left for me from the previous teacher and then kellin walked through the door with the quizzes.

"Ah thank you Kellin!" I said taking the papers out of his hand.

My hand lightly brushed against his leaving my skin feeling tingly. I felt my face get hot and i looked up to see kellin looking down, As usual.

"Well i should uh get going now." he said walking away, soon he was no where in sight.

I felt kind of sad after without his presence. He wasn't here and i felt lonely. Almost empty. I just didn't feel complete.

God dammit what is this boy doing to me?

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