Preference #24: He Cheats

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Liam: When you thought about it, you never saw Liam as the one to do something so terrible, but it was all right there. Liam was holding hands with his ex, Danielle. You never thought it would happen, especially out when you were with your friends. That was really the worst of it all. When he came home that night, your bags were all packed, and you were ready to go. At first, Liam was completely confused, then you explained that you saw the two holding hands while you were out with your friends. He begged you to stay, promising that it meant nothing, but your mind was made up, and you were off to your parents house to stay the night with them.

Niall: As he was trying to convince you that it was all some dumb mistake he made while he was drunk, you were packing all of your things so you could leave to stay at your best friends house. Niall had gone out with his friends to go have some drinks, and you saw pictures of Niall kissing another girl all over Twitter. He was apologizing over and over again, but you couldn't trust him after the horrible things he did, and you left for your best friends house.

Zayn: Zayn was always known as the "Bad Boy" of One Direction, but you were completely in shock when he was reported being seen with Perrie after they went to the recording studio. Your bags were all packed, and he was begging you not to go, but your mind was all made up. As you were about to leave, he grabbed your wrist, and for the last time, asked you not to leave, and to give him a second chance. Without any other words spoken, you left.

Harry: You knew Harry dated a lot in the past, but you never thought he would cheat on you with Taylor Swift. It was too terrible to be true. You didn't even think of packing a bag, you were just leaving his flat for Louis house, since the two of you were great friends. As you opened the door, Harry was right there. He saw you in the doorway with tears in your eyes, not knowing that you saw the pictures on Twitter of him and Taylor together. You pushed him out of the way, and ran down the hall. Ignoring him calling your name, you ran out of the door and ran all the way to Louis flat on the other side of town.

Louis: You and Eleanor were actually great friends, but when you got tweets from Zayn about he and Eleanor kissing, you went right past heartbroken and got angry. You threw your phone at the wall, causing it to break, not realizing Louis walked right in the door at the time you threw the phone. It almost hit him dead on, and he hadn't known you'd seen the pictures. Confused, he asked why you were so mad, and you didn't say anything back. You just slapped him and walked out the door, going to your friends house to vent.

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