Preference #19: His Thoughts When He Sees You With Someone Else

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Harry: Who is that guy? Why is he walking around with (Y/N)? Are they dating? No, no, no! That isn't okay! Ugh, I need her. She looks so pretty today too. Do I still have her number? I think I do. I should apologize. I wonder if that's the ex she would talk about...if it is, I have no chance. I doubt she would...and, they kissed...yeah I need to call her. Definitely need to call her.

Liam: Oh look, there's (Y/N). Should I say hi? I don't want to make her feel awkward or any...wait, who is that?! Is that...her new boyfriend?! Oh god, I didn't mean anything I said to her! I need her! I need (Y/N)! Alright, I'll just call her tonight and...ohhh, look how happy she is. I can't ruin that for her...did he really snog her in public? Really? Yeah I am calling her tonight. She deserves better.

Louis: Ah, it's a nice day with me mates, nothing to...oh god, it's (Y/N). Whatever! I'm not upset! I am Louis the Tommo Tomlinson, and! Oh hell no! She can do better. My ass is WAY nicer than that! At least I have an ass! And what is he wearing?! No way! Okay, I'll call her, take her back, and save her from whatever that is that she is holding hands with. Ugh, what is going on girls minds these days. I mean, that guy, REALLY? 

Niall: I love this ice cream cone so...wait, is that (Y/N)? CRAP! I LOOK LIKE SHIT! FUCK! Okay Niall, keep calm, just...wait, who the fuck is that?! Her brother?! No...she doesn't have a brother. That is not her boyfriend. She doesn't already have a boyfriend. Fuck no. I'll call her tonight, just to make sure...that is not a boyfriend on her...they kissed...WELL FUCK THAT! I definitely need to call her.

Zayn: I am so pumped to get a new tattoo, this one will look--OW! WHO THE HELL JUST BUMPED INTO...oh's (Y/N). U-uhm, what do I say?! I wasn't prepared to see her here! She got a new tattoo? Let's see, I bet it's a silly little girly one...or...her, new boyfriends name...what? NO! Who the hell is this guy?! That's him?! C'MON (Y/N), YOU CAN DO BETTER. I mean...we dated...that means something, right? Fuck, I have to call her. I was stupid to let her go...and my hair is WAY nicer than that guys.

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