#24 Hookups

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~ The Hills - The Weeknd ~

Okay I won't lie, I cried a little bit last night too. Over the tattoo and ear pain of course. Not over Grey. Even though I feel pretty much numb to the physical pain from holes in my body. I take a longer shower than usual before staring at the makeup we bought yesterday in a towel.

Cam showed me a few tricks. So I do a basic makeup routine but a little bit of highlighter, pink eyeshadow and a thin line of eyeliner. Just a bit. I don't want to do too much too fast. I changed into dark denim ripped jeans, a white cropped tank top and an oversized jean jacket.

We managed to get clothes I love and that isn't fully out of my comfort zone. I brush my hair and leave it down. Last night we touched up my roots, keeping everything the darkest brown. I layer two necklaces, a bracelet and spread lip gloss over my lips.

I walk out of my bathroom and begin getting my school work together. Again I didn't finish my assignments, but it's due Friday. I'll do it before then.

Ollie was supposed to drive me today but something came up apparently. I don't know. These days it kind of seems like we've been drifting apart a little. And it's my fault, I'm keeping secrets from him.

But I don't have to tell him since there won't be me and Grey hooking up anymore. That way I never have to tell him and we go back to normal.

Except Grey will kind of always be there considering he's his brother.

I walk out of my room. "ELLE!" I shout. My parents left early this morning and reminded me to take care of Eloise. Ever since she was born, I basically became her mom.

You know how mother's take off work for a year or so on maternity leave. Yeah not my mom. She took off maybe four months and made me switch to an online school so I could watch Eloise.

I'm always the one staying up when El's sick or crying or having a nightmare. I stay home from school on days she's sick, I've cleaned up her vomit and gross shit. I do everything for her and I always will because I love her and she's my sister.

But sometimes it'd be nice to be an actual teenager rather than having to take care of a kid.

Elle comes running out of her room with her bag in her hand. We eat and everything before I walk her to her daycare. As I walk out of the daycare I hear a car honk.

I look back and smile. "Bitch you're not taking the bus, get in!" Cam shouts from her window. I laugh getting into the passenger seat of her car. "Let's see it."

I twist my body, moving so she can see my tattoo. "Fucking amazing. I'm telling you, Grey is going to wish he never sent you that video." She begins driving.

"You look good," I compliment. She's wearing the new clothes she bought yesterday. She flashes me a smile. I can easily see the finger tats as her hands grip the steering wheel.

It's not long before we arrive at school and are walking through the doors. The whispers are endless.

"Holy shit is that Harley Prince and Camryn Wilson?"

"Isn't that Oliver's friend."

"Yo, who's the new girl?"

"Well damn, what the fuck happened to Harley Prince?!"

My locker door slams shut but not by me. "What the fuck?"

I look up and smile. "Hi Ollie," I greet as he takes me in.

"You got a tattoo? And new clothes. Tattoos. And a piercing. Holy shit Harley and tattoos?!" Ollie rambles. His brain just seems to be stuck on my tattoos.

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