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dedicated to @Dobbys_odd_socks

dedicated to @Dobbys_odd_socks

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The sunset is stunning as I drop my stuff by the dresser. I can see Alana through the balcony doors just barely out of sight. I walk to the open balcony where Alana is sitting on a pompom of a chair. I finally breathe for the first time as I watch her calm exterior. She looks like warmth as gold, pink, and the softest blue lights up the world before us. Her hair is wild and untamed and her eyes are the same. They remind me of the ocean harsh and intense on the shore.

The headache that I have pulses down my neck as I watch her in silence. I didn't want to bother her, I had planned to go right to my room and sleep. Only to forget that she was my fiancé therefore her room was mine. To be completely honest I was more thrilled to see her safe and alive than I wanted to sleep. I tried not yo think too hard on the fact that we had to share a room. Especially in this small safe house, it was hard to pick and choose where you slept.

While it was small, this was one of my favorite safe houses. The house was so deep into the north that I can feel the chill of the Arctic's on my back. It resembled the old cottage houses that you see in a forest. It was quaint and warm.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Alana is just as in awe of the world around us as I am of her.

A soft smile appears on my face, "Is it cheesy if I say almost as beautiful as you?"

She jerks her head to me and launches out of the chair. "I thought you were Clary."

"You seem elated to see me." I joke before sitting in the step that drops into the balcony.

Her eyes light up as she spares me a rare smile. "Well, I'm not entirely disappointed."

"Nice to know you care about me, Angel."

"I wouldn't go so far as to say that." She mutters before sitting beside me. She's closer than normal, I can't help but notice that, because the second she's in reach my heart thunders in my chest like a race horse.

"Did you miss me?" I ask honestly. I want her to say yes, I want her to say she's missed me as much as I've missed her. I want her to say that her soul ached the second that I was gone and it failed to ease until this very moment.

"Cross, Clary, and Dawn kept me company." She responds as she glances at me. I let my face fall for a second and nod at her in understanding. It stung but it was expected besides everything I wanted from her. "But...I can't say that it wouldn't have been better if you were here."

I chuckle, "Right back at you, sweetheart."

Her cheeks turn a red, "How long are we going to be here?"

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