bonus chapter

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Brooklyn Yates

"Well, you've ruined dinner." Misha mumbles icily and I roll my eyes.

The one-sided argument between Alana and Francesca echoed through the house — mainly it was just Francesca worriedly whispering but she can't whisper for the life of her. Alana seemed unbelievably pissed at my information of Misha and Francesca's sleeping together and I felt a little guilty. It wasn't like I thought it was a big deal, Misha and Francesca didn't think about each other like that, at all. Well, anymore but it was all in the past.

"It was an accident," I look to the rest of Alana's friends who are all sharing glances of surprise with each other. "I say we finish up so that when they come back, we'll be very normal."

"I agree," Sienna says with a soft smile. Our eyes meet and I feel a little buzz of something that isn't alcohol go through me. She was very pretty — drool worthy.

"So, do tell about this infamous foursome-"

A moan breaks my sentence and I pause — it was not my moan. The table covers their mouths in amusement and shock. Even Isabella who has had her head stuck in her phone pops up as she focuses in on the sounds humming through the house. God, whatever Alana was doing to Francesca, we were getting a front row seat to how great it felt. The walls in this place were paper thin so it wasn't a surprise.

"What do you think they're doing?" June questions with a knowing smile on her face.

"The audacity to have sex in the middle of dinner," Courtney says, "Lucky bitches."

"She's going to break the bed it sounds like." Eme says wistfully. "Breaking Dawn Part 1 core."

June and Courtney laugh at Eme's joke and I just smirk as I swallow a gulp of my Hennessy. Isabella smooths her short hair before looking to Eme, "You're such a dork for that."

"Yeah, I know," Francesca's moans seem to overpower what Eme is saying. We all look down the hallway with our mouths open. "There's no way it actually feels that good."

"How is it that she's so loud?" Isabella says with a roll of her eyes.

"I know Lani could fuck but oh my god." Sienna giggles.

"You get used to it." I mumble before letting the cool liquid burn down my throat. "They do it everywhere, constantly."

I think back to all the times that I've walked in on Alana and Francesca unknowingly. Honestly, their sex drives were higher than mine. I appreciated that about my best friend but I couldn't wait until they had their own place to call their little sex dungeon.

I pour myself another glass of Hennessy and begin sipping on it. The further away from reality I am, the better I can get through the night. If I was going to have to hear Francesca cum a second time, I was going to need to have a blood alcohol level of  .30% and it was not nearly high enough.

It doesn't take us long until we're finished with our courses and we're waiting for the dessert portion. Alana and Francesca don't fail to make their pleasure known the entire time we're eating. I thought Francesca's moans were loud until Alana started. Alana was making it known that she was getting eaten out like the queen she is.

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