Prologue: It's All Fun and Games

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"Now, what you've all been waiting for-!" Present Mic's voice rang out over the crowd

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"Now, what you've all been waiting for-!" Present Mic's voice rang out over the crowd. Cheers erupted as he continued, "-the finals!"

"On this side of the arena, we have SHOYO TODOROKI!" Present Mic announced as he walked in and excited cheers filled the stadium. Many calls consisted of praises and a particularly loud cheer from his dad, who was standing up. Yup, just gonna act like we don't know him.

"And on this side, the girl who has been melting through the competition, the firecracker herself, HANAE BAKUGOU!" 

Her face was about expressive as a rock as she walked in. It was weird for Shoyo to know this girl was in his class and they had barely talked. More cheers filled the stadium, including a very loud 'THAT'S MY GIRL!'

"So, you're the guy with the hot ice, right?" Hanae ducked down into a fighting position as they got ready to begin the fight. Shoyo gave a small chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that, " Shoyo gave a small smile. It felt wrong that they were so unfamiliar. They have been in the same class for two years.

"Well, I guess with a long-range quirk, you're lucky. This might be an actual challenge, " Hanae's face changed from indifference for the first time since she walked in the ring. However, Shoyo wasn't sure if he was preferring the murderous grin she now wore.

The fight began and immediately, Shoyo threw out an attack. A large spear of ice sliced through the arena. The girl let out a hiss as the ice rubbed against her arm. It burnt, but not enough to make her even hesitate in slapping a hand against the large sculpture. Not seconds later, it exploded into pieces.

"What a show of power! Taking down such a large-scale object in the blink of an eye!"

"Well, it is the entire point of her quirk. While not as flexible as a regular explosive quirk, it is much more destructive, " a more tired voice droned over the announcement speakers.

Hanae rushed forward through the new clearing, only to be stopped by another large cliff of ice. She repeated the same process of blowing the thing to smithereens before closing the gap between her and Shoyo. The boy immediately dodged backward as she lunged forward to punch him.

However, it worked in her favor anyway. Her hand clutched the blue sports jacket he wore and she smirked. Hanae ducked to the side as the fabric exploded against his skin, burning the flesh.

Shoyo let out a grunt at the sudden pain but quickly shielded his skin with ice as the girl went to swing again. Her fist made contact with the ice at full force, causing her to grunt and jump away.

Shoyo used the new distance to push her back even farther, sending a wall of ice so fast she was pushed back to the edge of the ring.

The ice was once again destroyed, allowing them to once again see each other. Hanae was panting lightly, she had been moving all over the ring after all. A growl left her lips in frustration, she was usually able to throw them off with that move, but his quirk had allowed him to create a hole in her attack. She was running out of things to blow up. It's not like she could use the leftover ice either, it would burn her hand pretty badly if held onto it for long periods of time. Shit.

"It seems the fight is at a bit of a standstill, don't you think?" Present Mic whistled lowly.

"She's used to finding holes in other people's offense, not the other way around. She can't counter him effectively in this situation. At this point, it's a fight of endurance, " Eraserhead sighed.

The crowd held their breath as the two stared each other down.

Suddenly, Hanae dashed forward, evading the walls of ice attempting to block her way. She quickly removed her sports jacket as she got close, throwing it towards his face. He grabbed the jacket to pull it away from his face, only to have it explode in his hands.

"Shit, " Shoyo growled out. His hand had been pulverized by the explosion. A punch landed on his abdomen, catching him off guard. He stumbled back but caught himself before he tripped over the line. He ducked under Hanae's arm and sent ice towards her as quickly as possible.

She let out a hissed curse as the ice seered into her skin like a hot knife. Hanae quickly exploded the ice to prevent it from burning her any further. This wasn't working. He kept finding ways to unpin himself. She need to try something else. There was really only one other thing she could do.

Shoyo had now retreated to the center of the ring. Hanae smirked as she kneeled down. She pressed her hands firmly against the ground.

"What is she- Oh shit!" Aizawa's eyes widened.

The girl's position leaned heavier against the ground as Shoyo raised a confused eyebrow. Her eyes began to glow a bright red, a stark contrast to the dull maroon they had been beforehand.

"The hell...?" Shoyo stumbled back a few feet. Yeah, he hadn't watched many of her matches so far because of recovering after his own, but he was pretty fucking sure they didn't do that before.

In the stands, her parents were trying to put together what she was doing. But the glowing eyes were a dead giveaway.

"Shit- She's going to blow up the damn arena!" Katsuki shouted standing from his seat, rushing to the railing.

"Oh my God, she is, fuck-"


"Dammit! Get them out of that damn arena!" Aizawa slammed his hands against the table.

"DETONATE!" Hanae screamed at the top of her lungs. The crowd watched with bated breath as cracks appeared around her hands. Small rumbling filled the arena before an explosion so big it shook the entire stadium filled everyone's vision.

Most covered their eyes and ears. It was the biggest explosion to ever occur in the sports festival arena. Even Katsuki, who set off explosions every day as part of his job, had ringing ears.

It took a while, but as the smoke cleared, it revealed there was only one body still left in the arena. There was now a crater filled with rubble.

Shoyo had been thrown into the border wall of the arena, disqualifying him.

Shoyo opened his bleary eyes as his ears rung fiercely. As his vision cleared, he saw Hanae emerge from the smoke. Her blond hair was slightly singed at the ends and her tank top and pants had been badly burnt and torn.

Were...Were her arms bleeding? They looked torn up as if they had been attacked by a rabid animal.

She shakily raised a first into the air, a victorious smirk on her face as the bell rang out through the arena. Ecstatic cheers sounded throughout the stadium.


The girl was still grinning when she fell face-first to the ground.

Who the hell is she...?

Shoyo let himself succumb to the throbbing pain in his skull and let himself pass out against the wall he had been thrown against.

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