Alone Together 5

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"THE BABIES COMING!" Paige screamed through the dark Glade.

The Gladers were by the fire, and Paige hoped that they heard her screams. Her energy was low, and if they didn't hear her soon, they would be a good chance of a miscarriage.

"NEWT!" Paige screamed.

Pain spread throughout her lower area and she groaned. She couldn't do it. She couldn't call to the Gladers anymore.

Paige panted and relaxed herself, trying to ignore the pain that spread throughout her. But it was to much.

She cried out, and tears rushing from her eyes.

"Paige!" It was Newt.

Again, Paige cried out, as the pain become unbearable.

Newts face appeared at opening of the hammock, and that was the last thing Paige saw before everything went black.


The cries of a baby made was the first thing Paige heard when she came out of shock.

And in an instant she knew it was her baby.

Paige slowly blinked, and turned her head to the right. Newt sat next to Paige's bed, with a bundle of blankets.

Newt looked downed at Paige and the biggest smile spread across his face.

"Paige. It's what you wanted. A boy."

Paige's face lit up as she heard the gender of her child.

"Can I hold him?" She asked Newt.

"Of course." Newt whispers back.

Newt handed Paige baby with caution. The blankets that wrapped the baby were soft, and the baby inside made Paige laugh. The cute little nose, and the eyes that were shut.

"Has he opened his eyes yet?" Paige asked.

"Not yet, but I can't wait to see if he has my eyes." Newt laughed. Newt leaned towards Paige, and their lips connected. Pulling apart, Paige smiled.

"I'm gonna go tell the Gladers the news. Are you gonna be ok here?" Newt asked.

"Just fine with my baby boy." Paige laughed as the thought of calling the baby her own overwhelmed her.

Newt walked away from the hammock and out the door, as Paige turned her attention towards the baby.

"Your beautiful. Well. handsome." She whispered.

The baby turned towards Paige, his eyes opened for the first time.

Paige's eyes widened. One word coming from her mouth.



Sounds like a horror book thing. Anyways! I'm writing again and I hope people see this! I'm writing the next 4 chapters right now I hope. At least I'll try. But I'm sorry for being so inactive! 😓🙈. But I'm back so no worries! 💖

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