Alone Together Part 6

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      The child had eyes like Thomas and a nose like Newts.

Paige felt her heart drop down to her stomach as her baby look up at her into her eyes.

"How is this possible." She whispered to herself in disbelief. 

Paige thought back to when Thomas and her were together. Late at night, trying to be quiet as they messed around.

And then Paige thought about the night when Thomas and her broke up, and how she took comfort with Newt. 

Then soon after she got pregnant. Maybe she was already pregnant with Thomas's baby.

The sounds of her newborn child snapped her back into reality.

"Shhh it's okay. It's okay."

She paused as she thought of a name.

A name.

Alex crossed her mind, but she instantly tossed it away.

"Shhhh it's okay, Alex."

She said it hesitantly, but then it seemed to fit.

Alexander, Alex for short.

Sadly enough there were no last name in the Glade, and no middle names. So the young boy took on his one worded name.

Wow it's been forever.
I'm bored and I found this in my drafts so I thought might as well give it to you. I'm gonna write more tonight.

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