Chapter 2

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Yo! We're coming at you live from Camp Wawanakwa, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario! I'm your host, Chris McLean! Dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television... right now!

Here's the deal, 22 campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp.

They'll compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgement of their fellow campers. Every three days, one team will either win a reward or watch one of their team members walk down the Dock of Shame. Take a ride on the loser boat, hehe... and leave Total Drama Island for good!

Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where each week, all but one camper will receive a marshmallow. In the end, only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame and a small fortune, which let's face it, they'll probably blow in a week.

To survive, they'll have to battle black flies, grizzly bears, disgusting camp food....and each other. Every moment will be caught on one of the hundreds of cameras situated all over the camp. Who will crumble under the pressure?

Find out here, right now on... Total... Drama... Island!


Asteria was currently waiting at the dock for the boat when she was instructed to come at a certain time since she was the last-minute contestant. She had two large bags as well as her magical backpack. At least that's what her friends call it.

She was wearing high waisted trousers and an oversize flannel shirt with a white tank top. Her flats were white, as was the chain she wore off to one side. This free, laidback style was completed by huge sunglasses and her hair with gold band accessories.

"Get your bags and get on the boat!" A voice shouted.

Asteria turned around to see a dark skin man, he looked intimidating but not for Asteria. She carried her bags and placed them on the boat and stood at the front. The boat started to move the sea breeze pressed against her, she enjoyed the smell of the sea. They were sailing closer and closer to the island.

"And this is our extra contestant, that I had no idea about until now. This is Asteria Venus," Chris introduced when he turned around, his jaw dropped. If this was a cartoon it would probably be on the ground. 

Stepping on the deck, then placing her bags down, she waved happily at the group taking off her sunglasses "Hey, guys. it's nice to meet you all. I can't wait to get to know you all and I hope we can be friends," she expected a response but they were staring with mouths hanging open. She grew shy "Is there something wrong?"

All of a sudden the group started talking.

"What a hottie"

"Her eyes look goldish"

"OMG I need her skincare routine"

"She's gorgeous"

A blond blue-eyed girl approached Asteria "Are those your real eye colour of are they contacts?" She asked.  Asteria nodded "They are my real hair colour and your bandana matches with your eyes it's soo cute."

The girl smiled "Awwww thanks I think we're going to be the best BFFs."

The group of people surrounded them and introduced themselves, they started to converse but Chris broke them up.

"That's enough chit-chatting, first things first. We need a group photo for the promos. Everyone on the end of the dock!" Chris says, pointing his finger to the dock.  Everyone walks there, Asteria looked for a spot till Owen and waved her over. She approached him and stood in front of him between Noah, who was being held like a football and Justin, who Eva had a hold of his arm as if say 'he's mine, don't touch him' she glared at Asteria.

"Thanks for calling me over I had a hard time deciding where to stand," she said thanking Owen and the two guys beside her. 

"It's no problem. Us three guys agreed you looked kinda lost and your pretty cute... I mean pretty cool"

"Way rat us out Owen," Noah said frowning while crossing his arms. 

Asteria giggled "You guys are pretty cute too." This made the tip of their ears red. 

"Hey, guys! I'm trying to take a picture here and you guys keep chit chatting," Chris yelled.

"Sorry," the little group said sheepishly.

"Ok. 1,2,3-" The camera gives a half-hearted snap "Ooop! Okay, forgot the lens." Chris presses a button on the camera and the lens open up. "Okay, hold that pose. One, tw-. Oh, no wait, cards full hang on."

Leshawna rolled her eyes "Come on, man. My face is starting to freeze."

"Got it! Okay, everyone says "Wawanakwa!"

"Wawanakwa-AAAHH," they all shouted, just as the dock collapses underneath the collective weight of all the campers and sends them all into the water. Chris managed to get the perfect promo picture "Okay, guy. Dry off and meet at the campfire pit in ten!"

Climbing out of the water, Asteria rang her shirt and hair. She spent extra time on her hair since she had a lot. She was interrupted by Noah tapping on her shoulder. When she looked up he wouldn't look her in the eyes, he pointed at her shirt. She looked down and noticed it became see-through and her bra could be seen. 

She quickly used her flannel to cover her chest. She smiled and kissed his cheek and thanked him.

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