Chapter 35 - Knox

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The phone goes to voicemail but I expected that

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The phone goes to voicemail but I expected that. If I haven't gotten an answer in two months, I sure as shit won't be getting one now.

"Hey." I bring the phone closer to my mouth and drop my voice. "Today's the day. You could stop by and have a look. Just...tell me you're okay. Alive. I know you're alive because I have connections but fuck, I'd like to see it for myself. See you. You may be the kid between us but don't ever think I don't need you."

I pause as if I'll get a reply. Then I feel stupid as fuck so I continue.

"Be well, brother. Come home. I will always be your home."

I want to say more but I've left hundreds of messages all saying the same thing so I hang up. Today is an important day. I don't want to experience it without my brother at my side but I don't have a choice. Some things in life we get to choose and some we just don't.

A pair of arms come around me, hands cradling my chest. I turn around in them already knowing what I'll find. My wife smiles up at me and I let my gaze roam over her, from the straps of her sleek black dress, to the wide neckline hinting at those tits I want to take in my mouth, down to the slit revealing one leg and reminding me how good they looked wrapped around my neck and torso last night.

"I take it you approve?" A glint lights up her transparent blue eyes. Have I mentioned that I fucking love her eyes?

"I take it you're trying to make me lose my mind like the fucking brat you are?" I throw back.

I take a step closer and she lets me go, backing up immediately. Inviting the chase and enjoying every second of it. Fine by me. I follow her without hesitation and neither of us stops until her back hits a pillar carefully hidden away to one side of the darkened hall.

"I realized something." I raise one forearm and brace it above her. "That bathroom behind me is where I saw you for the first time."

She smiles, stopping it by sinking her teeth into her lower lip. "This is much more different from our first encounter."

"No." I shake my head slowly, reaching forward to grip her throat and yanking her face up to me. Her mouth parts and excited gasp passes through it. "I wanted to fuck you then and I want to fuck you now. I told you I've always known what I wanted."

"Well, you didn't do anything about it last time. Is that what you want this time too?"

My eyelids drop and narrow on her. I tighten my grip around her neck. "You and that fucking smart mouth. You keep goading me and I'll fuck you right here where anyone can see, show them what a slut my wife is."

Her eyes hood too and she yanks me close by the waistband of my slacks. She goes up to the tip toes of her heeled feet and whispers in my face, "Try me."

Fuck this.

I tilt my head and slam my lips to hers, using my hold on her throat to keep her in place. She moans into my mouth and I silence the sound by kissing her harder, bruising her to the point of pain.

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