Chapter 1

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"So where am I meeting you? And what time?" I heard my voice echo down the phone line.

"Um, tomorrow, Pizza Hut in the centre of London? Around 5pm, if thats ok with you?" The deep, raspy voice replied back.

"Thats perfect."

"Can't wait." I grinned to myself letting my finger slip over the end call button. Yes that was Harry Styles, we'd been talking for months on twitter before I finally pucked up the courage to ask for his phone number and skype name through DM and ever since then we'd become good friends and tomorrow was finally the day we'd actually meet, in the flesh.

I'd never been able to meet him before since he was in America when he first followed me and when he was in London he was busy doing album promo and shooting videos for the new singles. My stomached churned thinking about meeting him, I was so anxious but excited. Its not everyday you get to meet your idol is it? I just don't want to make a fool out of myself infront of him. Then another problem was what the heck was I gonna wear? I fell back onto the bed and sighed.

"Madi, you've got work remember? And so have I." It was my mum. I sighed again getting up from my comfortable position on the mattress. I grabbed my work shirt off the door handle and slinging it over my neck and down my body. My fingers sprawled out my hair down one side of my head. I grabbed my coat and handbag swinging it over my shoulder and throwing in my purse, phone and keys.

I ran down the creaky stairs and went out into the cold winter weather. The sun was up but the blowing wind caught my bare skin and made me shiver. I pulled my coat tighter round my body before sliding into the door of my mums car.

I slammed the door shut and pulled the seatbelt across my chest. The car accelerated forward in a sudden making my body jolt, my seatbelt stopping me from going any further and my back hit the chair again. The radio played out as we drove down the long streets of London. The car pulled up outside Marty's the local coffee shop I worked at.

"Bye, sweetie." Mum blew a kiss to me out the window. I shut the door.

"Bye mum." I gave her a small smile before spinning on my heels and walking over to the shop door. Work was possibly the most boring thing on earth but I had to get money somehow. I pushed the door open with the palm of my hand making the bell at the top of the door ring a little.

I walked to the counter, pushing open the small swing door and walking to the back room to check in. I put my bag in an unused locker and slipped my phone into my back pocket. I took out my work hat, I hated the hat but 'shop rules'. I sighed deep in my throat and softly placed the cap on my head. I grabbed the pin and threaded it through my shirt. The pin read;

Hi, My name is,


How may I help you?

I closed the locker and went into the front shop. I seemed to be the only one here right now, except for my boss who lives upstairs. He must of opened up the shop early expecting me to come early. The was so bare and quiet so I decided to warm up the coffee machine and sort some tables out. I poured some coffee beans into the top of the machine and switched it on, listening to it churn as it grinded the beans. The bell rang signalling somebody had entered the shop. I spun round to be greeted by an elderly lady stood at the counter.

"Hey, how may I help you?" I tried sounding as professional as I could, even putting on a smile that showed off my dimples.

"Could I get a regular coffee, just one sugar?" Her voice croaked as her wrinkled face produced a weak smile. I nodded and made my way to the coffee machine. I grabbed a white cup from the stack and placed it under the machine nozzle. My fingertip grazed over the red button before it was pushed in and hot coffee spilled out into the cup until it stopped. I balanced the hot cup on a small saucer and took it to the counter. I added a single scoop of sugar and a bit of milk to the elderly womans liking and stirred it.

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