Chapter 8- The Treehouse

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I don't really remember much from my childhood, only that my mom was a emotionally manipulative,religious lady and my dad was an abusive alcoholic. They would've been better off divorced and everyone knew it. I was taught to suppress my emotions and be a good kid. Be a good kid. I was sure everyone hated me, kids used to bully me. That's literally why I use things such as tv and video games to escape. But now, I have friends. Though I still don't understand most of the feelings I have, at least I'm not alone, right?
I remember back in Jersey, I had a treehouse no one knew about. It was mine, and mine only. I left it clean since I left, I wonder if it's still up.

I have an idea. I got up and of course Sal was up first. He always was when we hang out. "Goodmorning Gizmo," I said bending down petting him. "Well goodmorning to you too," Sal said lifting his mask to take a bite out of his cereal. "Goodmorning Sally boy, where's Mr. Henry?" I asked. "He's down with Lisa and Larry in the basement," He replied. "Do you wanna have some fun?" I smirked. "What." Sal said choking on his cereal. "I have some place we can go," I replied. "Now hurry and get ready, i'm gonna buy breakfast at McDonald's on the way. Also bring your clothes," I said walking into the bathroom.

Sal and I got ready quick and we said goodbye to Gizmo and Larry before we left. I stopped by my place to get my some clothes and other things I needed for the night. "So where are we going?" Sal asked as we sat in my car. "Somewhere only we know." I said.
"Oh? No seriously where because I have a feeling your going to murder me," Sal replied. "New Jersey. I have a place I think you'd like," I smiled. Now the treehouse was farther in the deeper parts of Jersey so it was about a 5 hour drive. The area was secluded because it was located in the forest. I practically grew up there, so I know exactly where everything is.

"Sal, wake up we're here," I said parking the car. "You're definitely going to kill me aren't you?" Sal said looking around. "I would never Sally boy," I said getting out the car. "Just follow me," I said getting my things from the back of the car. Sal followed along behind me. We walked for about 30 minutes, just talking about practically anything.

"What is this place?" Sal asked when we got there. My treehouse was really big. I had a built in ladder leading up to the actual house in the tree. It was pretty spacious considering the two of us. "It's my old treehouse. Here give me your things," I said placing my things into the old bucket contraption I made a while ago that brought up things to the treehouse. We climbed up to the tree house and cleaned up a bit.

"Man, I can't believe the furniture is still good in here," I said sitting on the couch I had. The treehouse contained plants all over, a mattress, couch, a lamp, and fairy lights surrounding the walls. This used to be my comfort place.

"This place is actually so cool, Y/N," Sal said sitting next to me. "Thank you, and I'm glad we bought food before coming here," I chuckled. "Wait what do we do now though?" Sal asked looking at me. "I mean I have my computer, you have a hot spot. We could watch movies," I replied pulling out my computer. We ended up watching 'Coraline' and laid on the mattress together.

After the movie we just laid on our backs, staring at the ceiling. "Hey Sal?" I asked. "Yeah?" He replied. "Wanna play truth or dare?" I asked. "Sure," he said getting up. "You first." He said. "Deal," I sat up facing him. "Truth or dare Y/N?" Sal asked. "Mm truth," I said. "Of course you pick truth, pussy" Sal replied. God. I kind of liked when he says that. "Uhh who do you like?" Sal said in a confused tone. I'm sure he didn't know what else to ask. "Hmm I don't know, probably Dabi," I grinned. "Okay, acceptable. But I meant in like real life," Sal said laying down on his back. "Oh, then I don't know. Honestly I can't tell who so probably myself," I said laying down the same way he did. Sal didn't say anything, it was night time, i'm sure he's tired.

"Truth or dare Sal?" I said turning on my side to face him. "Truth," he replied. "Who's pussy now?," I chuckled. "Shut up," Sal laughed putting his arm over his eyes. "Who do you like Sally boy?" I asked him. "Honestly, Larry already knows this," Sal said. "Do you like Larry? I thought you guys are like soon to be step bros," I laughed. "No no," Sal chuckled. "He knows who I like, and since you're one of my best friends, I trust you to know too," he said. "All ears," I said laying on my back. "I think I really like Ash. I've liked her since last year, I- I don't know. There's just something about her I can't seem to get off my mind," he said with a sigh. Oh? Oh.

"I'm sure she likes you back Sal, you're a really great guy." I replied. "I just, I never felt this way about anyone before," Sal said. I should've known, the way he looks at her, the way he always asks about her. Why do I feel this way? It's not like I like Sal, I don't understand,,, any of this. "You guys would be a great couple, Ash is so cool and so are you, Sally Face." I said placing my arm over my eyes. "Thank you Y/N, you're the best," Sal replied. "I know." I said with a weak smile. I could feel my arm getting wet, am I crying? Since when did I get so sensitive and for what? Ash is perfect for Sal, they'd be so happy. So why does my heart hurt? I don't understand. I don't understand. I don't understand.

"Goodnight Y/N," Sal said putting a blanket over the both of us. "Goodnight, Sal." I said turning around not to face him. I went on my phone and plugged my headphones in. I fell asleep to 'Somewhere Only We Know' because, this treehouse is the only place Sal and I know about. Just me and him, my best friend. I should be happy for him, right? I don't have a reason to cry. I don't have a reason.

-end of chapter
authors note: hey shawty baes:) this is the start of the angst chapters, i told you, none of you are safe. honestly i hate this chapter bc of the way it was worded and it's lowkey a boring chapter but hopefully it was good enough to know the idea of the chapter. i guess it gives you an idea of how close sal and y/n got. it's also a little more background info on y/n so yeahhh. i'm not even supposed to be hinting to you guys but i am since i'm nice, the treehouse again has great significance that will help certain characters in this story. *wink* *wink* anyways i hope you stick around and have a great rest of your day/night<333

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