Hollywood fix

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You and Zach (your boyfriend of 5 years husband of 4 years) were on your way to the mall because currently your 7 months pregnant and you guys haven't set the nursery up yet, you guys have bought stuff but just piled it into the room that was gonna be the nursery, so right now you guys are getting the paint and some more stuff for the baby and hiring a professional to paint.

Zach was driving and was holding your hand in your lap while you were on your phone looking at Pinterest on ways you wanted to paint the nursery.

You found one you liked so you asked Zach

"love?" you ask


"do you like this these?" you say as you show him two pictures

"do you like this these?" you say as you show him two pictures

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"yeah, which one are you wanting?" he asks

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"yeah, which one are you wanting?" he asks

"i was thinking we do both? Like the nursery would be similar to the first photo and on the opposite wall from the crib we put the mountains and stuff, so the dresser and the lamp and a toy chest would be on the wall with mountains. "

"yeah we can do that. We're here so let's go get the stuff. " I nod

"thank you" you say

"for what?" he asks genuinely confused

"saying yes to that idea."

"love, it's really not up to me. I'm the one that got you pregnant and your the one dealing with all the pain, the least I can do is make you happy and if that's the nursery you want I'm perfectly fine with it. Ok? " I nod

We both get out of car and Zach walks over to be grabbing my hand and locking the car with the key.

We were walking to get to the entrance when we get swarmed with paparazzi.

"zach! Y/n! How far along are you? " Fletcher asks

"shes 7 months pregnant." Zach answers

"well you guys be posting when hes born?"

"we will probably announce that she's in labor when she is but we probably won't post him right away. We want time to ourselves with him before we announce him to the world, and with me and y/n being famous and already getting hate, I guess you can say were scared to announce him to the world because of the hate." Zach replied again

"were sorry to hear that."

I change positions and hug Zach's arm and hold his hand after I put my arm in a position where I can hug his arm and hold his hand, he squeezes your hand knowing you get anxious around this type of stuff.

"y/n do people support you being a teen mom with Zach being 20 and you being 18"

"yes, my friends my family & Zach. In my mind it's not about me being a teen mom, it's more than that, it's that me and Zach love each other endlessly and we got a mistake miracle,meaning we weren't trying for a baby, but it was a miracle for us to get one no matter if we were ready or not. When I found out I was pregnant it scared me, mostly because I didn't know how Zach would react, I thought he was going to leave me but when I told him he did the opposite. I told him my fears and how we would do this since I'm 18 and he's 20, but Zach said something to me that has helped me through this pregnancy a lot it was 'no matter what happens, I will always love you, no matter who hates us after this I will always be there, no matter how much hate we get I will always be there to comfort you' after hearing Zach say that it put me in a positive mindset about this, and everytime I was sad or needed comfort I would repeat those words in my head and if that didn't work I would ask Zach to say it to me again." you state

Zach smiles and kisses the top of my head

"you guys are gonna be wonderful parents."

"thank you." you and Zach replied

"what made you guys come to the mall today?"

"we have been putting off making the nursery and today we decided to do it so we needed paint and to get the last stuff we need for baby Herron to come." Zach answered

"awe. is why don't we coming out with more music? "

"where working on some songs, but we probably won't release them until a few weeks after baby herron is born." he answered

"what about you y/n? Do you have anything big planned? "

"im coming out with my own makeup and jewelry line, and making merch." you announce

"when will you drop them?"

"its gonna be a while before I do, because for a few months we were sketching how we wanted the merch and coming up with designs for the jewelry, then finding the products we want to do with the makeup, and we just started like making them a week ago, and then with the baby coming soon it will probably be released in 3-4 months prior maybe." you confess

"ok, thank you"

"we should really get going, we don't want to be out of the house for to long with her already being 7 months." Zach said trying to get away

"ok, can I ask one more question? I've been asked to ask you this a lot. "

"yeah sure, what is it?" he asks

"when are you guys going back on tour? And when you do are you taking y/n and the baby?"

"um, yes we will be going on tour again but not anytime soon. Me, the boys & our managers have agreed to wait until the baby is at least one so he has all his shots, and so I can be there for y/n and the baby. And yes the baby and y/n will be coming with us, I don't want her to feel like she's alone in this while I'm on tour so we all agreed that we will take y/n and the baby with us. " Zach announced

"will fans and other people be able to hold the baby?"

"as of right now only our familys, the boys, the girls, the boys familys, the girls familys, and our friends can hold the baby." you say

"ok thank you for answering the questions, have a good day."

"you too" you both say back

You and Zach then go to the store and get everything you need then tomorrow the professional painter comes.

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