𝐕𝐈 ─ riddikulus.

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"I want everyone to picture the thing they fear the most and turn it into something, funny." Professor Lupin announced playing upbeat music, "Next, Ron."

Ron wore his 'spare me dear spiders' face and walked up to the humiliated Snape boggart that started to vigorously whirl into Ron's boggart which was already presumed by many, spiders.

A midnight toned oversized spider formed right before the redhead not to his fondness. He could only let out a whimper till Lupin encouraged him to announce the spell, "Wand at the ready, Ron."

Ron wavered his narrow wand out of his crimson robes directed to the nasty spider, "Riddikulus" and to that spell, roller-skates appeared on every leg of the arachnid. To everyone's amusement, the boggart was struggling to stay up and was all over the place and Lupin could only stirred the laughter with his own and satisfied teaching.

Lupin called out a few names to face fears with an antidote of laughter till he called out, "Y/n Harlow"

She still held the amused grin but her eyes told otherwise. They didn't have the 'smile' look but looked rather blank. She felt all eyes turn to her   briskly and sauntered up right before the previous boggart and took our her wand. The class was dead silent to know about the girl who'd just joined the school this year's boggart.

No difference to what the class was wondering, y/n too was also mystified on what could terrify her so much. She's only been living such life with her loved Aunt Serephine in a free-spirited land. It wasn't in y/n's nature to feel so much so someone or something that'd bring tears to the eyes like the past students.

The boggart whirled, spinned, and revolved violently longer taking time to conclude her boggart till it formed into a dementing image.

Aunt Serephine's dead corpse

Blood painted on her body, lifeless wide eyes, and a frozen dead image of the person who cared enough to take her in lost in the forest abandoned as an infant.

Y/n's breath hitched and stared emotionless at the dead corpse and blood trickling down the dead skin. Y/n stayed staring with an unreadable, emotionless, blank face. Forgetting the simple spell to repel the disaster laying in front of her. The tiniest bit of anger sparked in the back of her head wanting to cause pain to whoever was responsible for the unexpected.

Y/n never thought once about Aunt Serephine's death. Never considered that one day she would go back to being alone.

Ron and Hermione wanted nothing more but to stand by y/n's side. Harry, did go up to stand by y/n's side and looked at her with sympathetic furrowed brows. Y/n didn't avert her eyes away from the dead corpse till Lupin repelled it into colourful confetti. Harry called out y/n's name carefully not to touch a nerve only for her to just walk out tensed.

Harry was staggered at how she kept herself together with absolute no emotion in the face.
That's right when he knew y/n doesn't accept emotions and wouldn't open up anytime soon.

Harry was quick to push the front crowd to follow y/n but not only to Harry's sense, Hermione and Ron considered that her nerves will be put on edge when provoked. To prevent her snapping at Harry, the two held him back gently with a trusting look,
"Mate, you don't want to touch a nerve." Ron warned solicitously.

Lupin mentally agreed with their senses and called Harry to perform the repelling spell of the horrendous triggering boggart. Harry hesitated to obey the worried professor for the vivid graphic confetti turned into a bloody dementor. Much like what had discreetly occurred on their train ride to Hogwarts.

Harry's face dropped even further in extent to the realization of his unexpected fear. Lupin swiftly shielded Harry with his body and arms protecting to which the fronted image turned into a circular silver orb and the witching hour sky of vague clouds orbiting the moon.

"Riddikulus" He bellowed trigggered turning the moonshine scenery into a white balloon that hovered over the students heads back into the cursed dresser.

"Class dismissed, sorry," Lupin dismissed apologizing. The class's shoulders dropped in disappointment wanting to carry on with the defence class. Harry rapidly tramped out the sturdy lengthen door with Hermione and Ron following him exactly knowing his intentions on finding y/n.

"You two, check the corridors," Harry demanded in a shaky voice. Ron and Hermione nodded and jogged out of his sight. Harry walked around the level determined to find the e/c eyed girl.

Then it clicked, common room. Harry hastened up the moving concrete stairs and announced the common room to walk into an empty room with y/n sitting on the arm rest of the scarlet red couches. The sprinted around the Gryffindor furniture with fixed eyes on the emotionless expressed girl who kept her eyes at the ground. His jade eyes stayed focused to y/n and cupped her face with both his hands hoping her e/c eyes would at least glance at his.
Her eyes slowly averted to Harry's determined ones with nothing but a lifeless twinkle. Harry couldn't get any expressions out of her face at all.

Before y/n even got the chance to speak and open her mouth, the raven-haired boy brought her head to his chest with protective arms, stroking her head with his palms remembering the night they met and how special the lady was to y/n as she described.

"Harry, I'm fine," she chuckled selling to which Harry did not buy. She managed to wear her carefree face with a content grin.

Ron and Hermione both rushed into the common room from the portrait and hurried to the girl they were searching for. Ron kneeled in front of y/n to realize the same as Harry, her face showing no emotion. Hermione had already taken that into account and side hugged her.
"And my boggart was a bloody spider," Ron said ashamed. Hermione let out a scoff and Ron's words.
"Oh yeah? Could only imagine your boggart being what? A test graded

Y/n secretly felt very grateful for these 3 specific people. Though she couldn't let them have any sign of how she felt about the boggart memory.
"I love you guys but I swear I'm fine," Y/n assured, "yeah yeah okay c'mon let's go," she said in a longing voice trying to brush of the gloominess.

Her 3 friends all shared suspicious glances to one another well knowing she was digging her worries to the pit of bedrock. They tried to match her energy hoping it would lighten all their moods and followed her out the door.

The 4 Gryffindors went out the from the courtyard and to an open view of the dreamy turquoise water and grassy green mountains. With a comfortable silence that ran around them, they sat on the fresh nurtured grass taking in the smell of the crisp smell of nature swirling around them. As they watched the blue tinted sky fade into strokes of orange, pink, and starry night blue.

𝙄𝙣 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙤𝙪𝙩 ☯︎︎

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𝙄𝙣 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙤𝙪𝙩 ☯︎︎

𝙄𝙣 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙤𝙪𝙩 ☯︎︎

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