chapter 1

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"And also remember to hand me your assignments in the due time, I don't have time to run after my whole students", the professor announced loudly so his students scattered around the large room would be able to hear his words loud and clear, but just like any other time, they didn't listen.

They instead packed their things together and rushed out of the doors, into their freedom and long awaited weekend. The only one staying for a few more minutes was a pretty blue-haired male, petit in form but tall in height. He was wearing a soft, little smile on his face while packing his things together, his college blocks and his favorite color pens, into his baby blue bag he loved so much.

The blue-haired male went by the name of Kim Taehyung, a student of Economics in his second year. He was a shy person for outsiders but once you got to know him, he was loud and energetic, had a sarcastic mind and a loving heart. He was an introvert, with not so many friends but wasn't bothered by it.

"Taehyung", the professor called out for the young male who looked up surprised. He didn't know, his professor even knew his name, he was just one of the hundred students visiting his course and he was very shy on top of that.

"Yes, Sir?", he asked, getting up from his seat and taking his books with him, gripping tightly onto them. "Don't forget to hand me your work on time, I don't wanna wait until you decide to hand it in", the professor said sternly and Taehyung bit back a sassy remark, just nodding his head and taking out his earbuds. "Yes Sir", he simply said through gritted teeth, stalking out the room.


"I swear to god, this man hates me so much, he knows my name for one second and then curses at me, like the fuck dude, I was this close to smacking him", Taehyung grumbled into his phone, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, tapping his foot on the ground. He was talking with his best friend Min Yoongi who just yawned in response.

"Calm down tiger, and chill for a second, will you? Yeah he's an ass but don't give him what he wants. Give two flying fucks about him", Yoongi told Taehyung who huffed in response, walking across the street to get to his comfy appartment he shared with nothing but his painting brushes and his blank papers that waited to be filled.

"Yeah, I try not to", Taehyung said with a lazy smile, passing the street, his steps carrying him towards his loved home. But he halted when he heard muffled screams, turning to look into an alley nearby, shocked to see a man crouched down onto the ground, gripping onto his chest where his heart was located.

"Fuck- Yoongi, I think someone is having a heart attack, hang on", Taehyung said breathlessly, running into the alley, while Yoongi shot surprised questions into the phone. "Hello? Excuse me, are you okay?", he asked the elder man softly who lifted his head up shocked, eyes dull from pain but he could clearly see the pretty boy in front of him, looking utterly worried.

"Heart attack?", the beautiful boy asked worried again but the elder man could only nod. This boy seemed like an angel to him, saving him from the death he was definitely not prepared for. He still had his life, his job, his son... he couldn't die!

"Fuck, okay, um don't move okay? I'm calling an ambulance. Yoongi, Yoongi, shit did you hear?", Taehyung said in a rush while holding onto the man's shoulder to steady him.

The remaining day day was a complete blur to Taehyung. He remembered calling the ambulance, waiting next to the man, holding his hand and whispering encouraging words to him, while making sure he wouldn't fall asleep.

The elder man was quite attractive, with silver streaks in his black hair, dark eyes looking around hectically. Taehyung stayed by the side of the man, the entire time. Even in the hospital, after he actually wanted to leave, making sure the man was fine of course first, the old man requested him to stay and Taehyung weirdly did, holding his hand while the elder looked at him like he was some sort of an angel.

The man's name was Jeon Hyungwon.

And with one good act, Taehyung's entire world was about to change.


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